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MetaBrief: TCG World Metaverse News for May 1st 2023

MetaBrief: All the Recent Updates about TCG World

Week of May 1st 2023

Hey! It's been 2 weeks since my last report. Here's what has happened in the past two weeks, in no real order.

- The staking pools were updated two weeks ago. New 1 month pools for BSC and ETH and a 3 month pool for ETH as well. Also,make sure to check all the previous pools for any coins you may have forgotten! Staking link for TCG2 is here:

- The BIG AMA with Unity was just over a week ago. In that time I've come to realize that not everyone is familiar with what Unity exactly is. Some even think it's a crypto project we're partnering with. Unity is a Game Engine used by many of the popular games on the market in the past 10 or more years. I'm sure you've heard of some of them! Pokemon Go, Fall Guys, Rust, Among Us, Untited Goose Game (hilarious to watch!), Cuphead, Genshin Impact, Hearthstone, and a ton more! Lots of mobile app games. Unity is helping TCG world build the metaverse! You can watch the AMA here, I highly encourage it!

- And the community had a lot of positive thoughts about the AMA with Unity, so I gathered all that I could find in this post:

- Meta Bit Bros are back and made a quick video about TCG World and Unity! See that video:

- Because Unity is working on the game now, the servers have been taken down from Alpha. And because of that, the game download link was removed from the website as well.

- There's new buy bot for TCG2 in main TCG World chat. It works for buys on BSC and ETH.

- The Easter winners were announced here, did you win?

- There's gonna be a Studio Progress AMA with Jace on June 2nd it, was teased in this tweet:

There was a lot of Destiny AI News in the past two weeks!

- Destiny's Headquarters was added to the map in the Forest Region.

See the original announcement that talks about their HQ and a special road here:

- Destiny was shown on some kind of screen in the new TCG Stadium. Looked pretty neat! Tweet here:

- Destiny's CEO said on a voice chat that they will be on an upcoming AMA with TCG World soon! Something to look forward to!

- TCG World's Anniversary is coming up, which will start the 6 months of weekly giveaways. Details were announced during the Unity AMA - but also we should be getting more info about that this coming week. TCG World turns 2 on May 9th.

Crazy how far TCG World has come in those 2 years:

- The #1 ranked dragon is up for sale for I believe the first time ever(?). Price is very high! If interested you can see it here:

- The Dragon NFTs have been interesting to watch these past two weeks. At one point there were only 0.8% of all dragons listed! As of this post they're at 1% listed. The floor has risen to 0.2 ETH too. See the collection here:

- K10, David's E-Sports Team, dominated their tournament and won it all! You can follow their updates here:

New 3D Sprites showcased in the past two weeks:

Read Last Week's Ketchup!

Best Places for TCG World News:

TCG World Youtube for AMA Update Streams TCG World Twitter for Daily Posts from them. TCG World Verified Plot Owner Chat - Search for David's name and read all his comments. Check the pinned messages. Here's how to get in:

Recent and Informational Sprite Reports:

Keep Up To Date with some of the TCG World Guilds! The Artists Guild Twitter

Keep up to date with K10! K10 Twitter

Hot Take. There is only one true Ketchup and that is by Heinz. Hands down. No argument.

Thanks for reading another Sprite Report! Please follow The Sprite Report on Social media!

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2 comentarios

Big Country
Big Country
05 may 2023

As always another great update from The Sprite Report!!! Thank you Roy!!!

Me gusta

05 may 2023

First! Huge news huge moves, alot happens in a fortnite in this space 💚💜💙🐲🏎🌱

Me gusta
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