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TCG World AMA with Unity: The Community Reactions

The TCG World team hosted a highly anticipated live stream AMA stream with Unity today, leaving the community buzzing with excitement. The event offered invaluable insights into the future of TCG World and its collaboration with Unity. With a plethora of questions answered the AMA has generated a surge of enthusiasm and engagement within the TCG World community.

In this post I want to showcase a collection of reactions from the community. From their eagerness for the upcoming developments mentioned and the possibility of future tech implementation, the TCG World community's response to the AMA has been overwhelmingly positive.

So, without further ado, let's takea look at some of the responses, YOUR responses, from today's AMA stream!

Here's some responses from the exclusive and private Verified Plot Owners chat! If you own land and are NOT in that chat, please see this link for info on how to join that chat! I highly recommend it!

I must say, I don't normally post anything at all contained within that chat. But the reactions were too good not to share with the world!

Firstly, some of the community members showed HOW they watched the AMA today.. on a big fricken TV!

Dice Bow: "I knew it from the begining. TCG World is a hidden gem. You proved it once again with this AMA"

OdinsBeard (The Pit Stop) Never DMS first: "Always enjoy the AMAs, but wow, that was something else, great job!"

QTA: "See Unity saw this as an opportunity to help them further enter web3 which I support" "Happy they picked us today they can help others later"

Tom: "Brilliant AMA, really enjoyed listening

Excited for the future TCG World

Great work @PJ_Krypto and @JON_4567"

M G: "Watching just now. Amazing and the Unity involvement just goes to show how lucky we are to have the chance to be here early."

QTA: "Specifically I really liked he said we partner with projects we trust and we have been watching TCG World for awhile"

Galactic Astronaut in the Verified Plot Owner Chat: "That was a great AMA! Congrats to all the team! Its obvious that the team is working hard behind the scenes and always pushing the development and technoloygy to ensure that we are at the top of our game in the next bull run. Awesome! Forawrd we go! Andrew from Unity was really professional and giving the right answers at the right time! Great to see Justin join the AMA next to PJ and John! Congrats to David for the hard work he was putting with Unity for the last 6 months to pull this off! Looking forward to the next developments and excited for the future of TCG World!"

Kokoro Katana: "Wow, wow, wow! What a great ama this was. Thank you so much for making this happen. Even more hyped about the future!"

Some comments from the open community chat on Telegram:

Griphen21: "OMG !!! technology used to create a lot of the lighting in Avatar 2 is now available to TCG World through Unity WWWHHHAAATTT ?!?!?! 🤯"

Griphen21 continues: "wow ... such amazing news. truly groundbreaking stuff going on here in TCG world. definitely go watch the AMA that just concluded if you have any doubt on this project"

Dr. Trichome said something similar: "The fact that he said out of his own mouth that there’s never been anything built this big before✔️✔️✔️

Unity is also bringing its new technologies over to TCG‼️! Unity acquired Weta & Ironforce and used them in the new AVATAR 2 movie 🎥 Unity is going to use both in TCG World. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯"

Here's what Andrew said on the AMA about Avatar 2: "There's a new movie that came out a couple months ago called Avatar 2, that movie, a lot of the tools that were used for the lightning, and the shading and the water effects, were Unity's WETA toolset. So those tools that were used to create those effects in the Avatar movie are now being brought into the Unity Suite. So that was an acquisition that we made of a company called WETA. And so we think about innovation, advanced toolsets like that, that is a technology set stack that we havent' integrated into our engine in the past that we are throughout 2023 beginning to not only integrate it, but to also start Beta groups to really push the limits of those new tools as well. So it's happening all the time in real time"

Andrew continues: "I'd like to take it maybe just another step for those who are looking for the economy, if you want me to comment on that a litle bit. So we acquired a company called WETA which is awesome from an artistry perspective but we actually acquired a tech stack from a company called Iron Source and Iron Source, along with their brand Astra, we have new monitization technology, so user acquisition, relevant ads for businesses that maybe our end that digitial within TCG World, and then marketplace for trading and selling NFTs. So we have the ability to incorporate a Unity NFT marketplace that, of our own technology, so that's not built from the group up, it's literally something that can be white labelled, along with our own wallet solution. So we've got some high level folks that have been in the crypto space for years, understand the economy of tokenomics, of defi, etc. so we're gonna be applying the tech stack along with those professional services to help obviously build out the economy portion within TCG World as well. So hopefully that's helpful for the audience."

Codingus's life is in danger apparantely, he says: "Literally wild how exciting it is. My wife wants to kill me I can tell 🤣"

Frederic: "I am speechless. I knew that TCG harbored a vision 🔭 and a power ⚡️ embodied in the person of David that some (team and community) were able to recognize 🌅

Unity made no mistake choosing it from the middle of the world 💎 while TCG was still in its infancy 🍼

The path we have yet to travel, now under the seal of Unity, will be strewn with honor and glory 🏰👑"

Crock: "The AMA was phenomenal. Really boosted my excitement and confidence in TCG World. Andrew hit the nail on the head with the way he described David and the team, and in a similar manner that’s what drew me to TCG. The professionalism, focused ahead, respectful of other projects, open dialogues in the community chats, the list goes on. Looking forward to hearing/seeing the progress."

DeSo Syndicate: "Unbelievable job on AMA again!! @PJ_Krypto @JON_4567 @JustinD_TCG Brought the goods!!! And Andrew from Unity reinforced what we all know about TCG, it's different, it's fun, it's BIG lol and it's a gap being filled in Web3 and all of the metaverse that doesn't exist. If ya ain't telling everyone ya know what a game changer we are in...they may punch you when this goes parabolic lol.

To the TCG team...AMAZING...Very few know the countless hours that go into accomplishme t at these levels...super BULLISH!!!!!!!"

"@Dave_TCGCoin_CEO your passion and drive and commitment is unparalleled sir..Grazi!! 🙏🙏🤘🤘❤️❤️"

Snakeinthegrass29: "Key part I took away from this AMA is that this is more of a partnership with Unity then I originally believed. In legal terms no it may not be but Andrew definitely spoke with that feel to it. My fear was that Unity didn’t really care about TCG but was only motivated by getting a paycheck. I have no doubt now that Unity wants TCG to thrive as much as any of us do. I feel they are a proud company that has no intention of being attached to a project that isn’t a success. They are already envisioning this “codevelopment” lasting much longer then the original 9 month contract which was amazing to hear from THEM! I’m not the type to be overly bullish or into extreme hype but how can TCG not be a huge success with Unity by its side with all of its knowledge and access to soooo many cutting age tools. Anyways sorry about the lengthy positive rant but this AMA is not your average everyday hype crap you hear from other projects…this was simply mind blowing and I can’t wait to see what the future brings to TCG."

Tyler Wilke responded to Snakeinthegrass29: "I agree 100%. It is so much more. They are being super generous with their tech. Their team is absolutely amazing, the very best of the best. Everything about them is exceptional.

I believe everything TCG has built so far is amazing. I believe the community around TCG is amazing.

I believe we will become the house hold name for the metaverse. I believe this metaverse will change Web3, blockchain games, AR/VR, like no one could have ever of imagined."

Snakeinthegrass29 again: "Yep I feel they are genuinely excited to see where they can take TCG…maybe we are a bit of a testing ground for them but that’s ok with me! With their resources behind us we can definitely become the go-to metaverse. This has to be opening doors to other name brand businesses out there…once we get a few of those on board watch out lol!"

Obie 🇦🇺 4⚔️2: "Oh I couldn’t agree more!! Tcgworld will be a thriving and ever evolving world like ours and so will need constant support/upgrades and they (UNITY ENGINE) plan on sticking around for it all! Kinda like buying an xpensive car and having an endless warranty from the manufacturer!

I almost spent all my mortgage money for the month after watching that AMA which I had to wake up early (Aussie) for on my day off haha 💰🚀😎🔥"

Bayfield: "Andrew from unity just ooze’s professionalism doesn’t he, his answers to the questions were just 👌🏻" "Even better was Justin’s facial reaction to some of the things Andrew was saying 😁"

Kokoro Katana: "Yeah and the passion! This is not about a paycheck for Unity. I genuily believe they want to make this a big success!

Yeah Justin his reaction was great to see💪😁🔥"

Paul Mullan: I'm not one for conspiracy theories BUT


G-UNIT = hip hop group formed 50 Cent + Lloyd Banks

50 Cent = money

Lloyds Bank = UK Bank

So, tcG-UNITy = money in the bank

My work here is done.

Artur: "There are no words to describe last night's AMA. Seeing a Unity representative talk about the work they're doing on our project and answering my and others' questions on a livestream was beyond my expectations. A big shoutout to the entire team, you are all truly amazing. I have never been so happy to hold land in TCG World."

DD: "I just watched it a few minutes ago and I am blown away. Unity onboard is huuuge. Goes to show how committed the TCG team is and determined to make this the best Metaverse experience in web3, we are blessed and I am so happy to be on this journey❤️🙌"

So what did YOU think of today's AMA? Let me know in the comments! Then let the world know on Twitter, Facebook, everywhere! Please give this a share!

See the complete live AMA replay here:

Although.. I gotta say.. you should watch the interview as SO MUCH WAS SAID!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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Blaze M
Blaze M
05 may 2023

Behind a strong project is always a strong community! We are definitely going places.... some call it the moon! 🔥🚀🔥

Me gusta

Big Country
Big Country
24 abr 2023

Love seeing the community reactions!!!! BULLISH!!!

Me gusta
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