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MetaBrief: TCG World Metaverse News for April 3rd 2023

MetaBrief: A weekly update of all things TCG World

Week of April 3rd 2023

New Start Screen Previewed

Earlier last week, TCG World tweeted out a quick video of Jon showing off the new start screen for Alpha Version 4.0. The screen shows off the new Avatar selection featuring Here's that tweet:

Since TCG showed that, I figured I'd take a screenshot as well. Here's an EXCLUSIVE picture showing a Whoopsies Doopsies avatar. The WDs have been in Alpha for a while now... it's weird to me that nobody talks about them.. yet they have a fricken avatar in Alpha.

Goodbye Minimum!

There is no minimum anymore to list plots on the TCG World Marketplace. List away!

I got some gold plots for under 0.2 bnb when it was first introduced. Score! If you're looking for virtual land in the metaverse, make sure to bookmark this page and check it out often! A reminder.. the secondary marketplace is the ONLY way to get land in TCG World at the moment! The presale has been halted.

It looks like most silvers are holding around 0.25 bnb. The lowest I've seen one is 0.24 bnb. There were some cheap golds at around 0.14 bnb a few days ago, but now the floor is roughly 0.37-0.4 bnb.

The platinums are holding up pretty good, with only 2 currently under the previous minimum of 3 bnb.

And diamonds are diamond-handing it so far, I have not seen any yet listed below the original minimum of 5 bnb.

Sandstorm Build Video

Sandstorm tweeted out a video showing a build that was completed for TCG World. I believe this is for a gold plot. The video goes all through the house showing just about everything. Pretty dang cool.

Hornet Inc.

Another pic of the Cyber Hornet Colony Club's Headquarters in TCG World was shared this week:

Server Status

The servers will be down until the next build becomes available. They're working on it now. No ETA has been provided.

Unity got it's hands on the latest version of the TCG World Alpha and is now going through the code, making fixes where needed, and developing new stuff. David is following their lead, and it'll be up to Unity to release future playable builds. It may be weeks, it may be months perhaps. Unity has the brightest minds and the best developers on the team, with a full arsenel of their Unity toys to play with. I can't wait to see what they come up with!

TCG World Among The Best

I'm not sure if this is a magazine or not.. but TCG World is featured among a ton of other projects.. on paper! It's cool to see it in print rather than digital.

More Education Center Pics

Two more pictures were shown of the new Educational Center that's being developed. Below are all 4 that have been shared to date:

Metaverse Projections

I found this article over on CoinMarketCap this past week about the Metaverse that has a lot of good information. Although it does not mention TCG World, I still found it to be a good read.

What's Better Than 1 Article?

Here's another good article to read about Web3 Gaming! This one is from CoinTelegraph.

New Command At Your Command

Are you living under a rock and aren't aware of TCG World's Socials? Well, there's a new command over on Telegram that'll tell you all of them! /socials

Sprite Leaderboard

The Sprite Leaderboard is on hold since the servers are down for everyone, and the latest build is in Unity's hands and being actively worked on.

Bellere Mystery Cars

Car Mystery Box Update: 3762 mystery boxes left. And I heard someone pulled a Legendary this past week!

Community Content

Cryptos Richboy posts regular project updates on his Youtube Kenneth posts a lot on his Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok

MetaBitBros posts a variety of vidoes on Youtube

Blaze posts and streams over on Youtube

Please support the dedicated community! Likes, Comments, Follows, Suscribes all go a long way to help the community. Do you know any others producing TCG World content on the regular? Let me know!

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TCG World Youtube for AMA Update Streams TCG World Twitter for Daily Posts from them. TCG World Verified Plot Owner Chat - Search for David's name and read all his comments. Check the pinned messages. Here's how to get in:

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Blaze M
Blaze M
05 במאי 2023

Can't wait to see that education building from Sydtek in game! I'm glad they're removing the sale minimums, let the paperhands fold! 🔥✌🔥


Big Country
Big Country
03 באפר׳ 2023

Great update!!! Thank you!!!

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