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TCG World Live Stream Highlights - February 25th 2023

- Starts off with a slideshow from the eSports event that K10 is attending. TCG World logo is on the banners there.

- Jon is with Oliver aka TAZ Live at that event.

- K10 is a UK based, but not limited, esports team. Oliver basically explains what they are, what they're doing there, etc.

- Oliver talks about how they can tap into the player base within the esports network and get them into TCG World, or at least investing in the assets.

- Connor from K10 comes on and speaks a little more.


- TCG World updates start around 41 minutes in.

- Alpha 4.0 is coming very soon. No timetables.

- Will feature a brand new user interface.

- Racing Leaderboard - Constant racing event measuring time on track.

- When you go around the track it'll track your time.

- PJ shows some mock-up screenshots of what the track leaderboard will look like. (see below)

- Ability to mint sprites! 100 sprites will evolve to level 2 and you can then mint.

- PJ shows a video of the sprite upgrade/minting/feeding process. Screenshots below.

- The items you collect right now (carrots, robots in game) are just stand-in images.. they will be changed out later with better images and use!

- Sandstorm updates:

- A new home build is complete. Screenshots below.

- Cyberhornets HQ - they show a video. Screenshots below.

- TCG World has a virtual booth at Web3 Stronger Together "W3ST" - event is March 1st to 4th 2023.

- Some of the TCG World team members will be manning the virtual booth. Pic of the booth below.

- TCG is giving away 10 spots for general admission there

Winners were: Qwazimoto81, Sriwijaya_Crypt, Collector10000, Sulli97x, chuckie318, Arash68316677, Tcg_DragonLover, SelmenZenaidi, ngominhphuong90

- Valentine's Giveaway Winner drawn live, winner gets a Gold Plot in TCG World

- Winner is PascalG87

- D'Bombs Corner

- UNITY is now Developing TCG World

- Unity has picked TCG World to co-develop.

- Jon comes back online and talks about the news. He compares it to a Restaurant starting out and they get Gordon Ramsey for 9 months to start out.

- TCG World will have a dedicated team of unity engineers in house.

- Starting March 15th 2023, they will be employed for 9 months by TCG World.

- Access to Unity products.

- Accceleration of TCG Builds at a tremendous pace. Beyond what they ever imagined.

- Complete overhaul of what has already been built. Fixing those glitches, etc.

- Co-Development with TCG World's existing Studio.

- Unity to access first our world build then TCG World will provide a new roadmap.

- They will make improvements while also explaining what needs to change with the existing build.

- That was it!


Sandstorm House:

Cyberhornets HQ:

See the complete live AMA stream here:

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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Big Country
Big Country

Great breakdown/recap of the AMA. I’m super stoked for what’s to come for TCG the rest of this year!!!

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