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TCG World Live Stream Highlights - January 20th 2023


- New Build 3.9.4 is available - lot of kinks worked out on this one. No more chronic disconnect issues.

- Jon walked 4.5 hours in a straight line across the whole map. Here's that video:

- Soon there will be a launcher link in your TCG World profile. It'll only be usable if you have land - so still plot owner access only.

- Sandstorm Sprints / Updates

- Home for Gold Plots, he shows a video. Some screenshots below. Complete with pool table!

- Comedy Club The Belly Ache is shown, with a video. Screenshots below.

- First Look at New Dragons concepts for in-game.

- They show Tier 1 and Tier 2 Dragons. Screenshots below. SO CUTE! SCROLL DOWN!

- Tier 1 Dragon change: They can follow you now. Companion.

- Tier 2 Dragon change: They will have interchangible wearables.

- These are still concepts but they want to get them in game ASAP looking as close to these as possible.

- STYNGR Announced - They will be the in World Radio Station(s) - This will replace the in-game music. So you can choose whatever type of music you want to hear while playing the game. Sounds like you can subscribe to different genres of music. Choose your own taste of music.

- eSports Substantial Investment - Investment in an ESports Team. Their socials work in progress at this point. They play a video at around they 37 minute point of these guys.

- Castle NFTs airdrop from BOGO sale back in November. Some folks have already got them! They're sending them out in batches.

Implementation for the castles is "soon". Not yet.

- TCG + The Pit Stop Guild Racing Event TODAY. 4pm PST 7pm EST

- Mystery Box Mint Stats snapshot: 34.1% of the collection sold so far.

Items Coming Soon (Dev Pipeline):

- Car trading on marketplace coming soon.

- NFT sprites to mint and allow trading from TCG World

Silver Plot Giveaway from Twitter: @Star_WSB won a silver plot in TCG World! Congrats!

Question about the Ape Avatars: Just wanting an Update. Basically they're still working on them, they will return with utility.

Sandstorm Gold Plot Images:

Comedy Club Images:

Dragon Images:

Tier 1 Baby Dragons, each one assigned to a region according to Jon.

This will be a follow-along dragon. This is extra utility as originally Tier 1 was just to stick on your plots.

Tier 2 Dragon Images:

Tier 2 will have wearables / items you can interchange according to Jon. That they may use in the game.

See the complete live AMA stream here:

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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As always AMA was full of incredible information!!!

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