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TCG World Live Stream Highlights - April 21st 2023

This is a summary of the Live Stream Updates and AMA from April 21st 2023.

This AMA featured a member of the Unity team.

- The live stream starts off with a new 60 second video showcasing the latest Alpha graphics, biome changes, etc.

- People on the stream today: PJ Krypto, Jon, Justin (Vice President of TCG World) and Andrew from Unity

- Andrew mentions the conversation with TCG World started around 6 months ago.

- PJ gives some Unity stats: 5 billion or so downloads of apps built on Unity. 50% of games are made with Unity. 3.9b monthly active users from games with Unity.

- Andrew is big into Web3, PJ mentioned he runs his own Web3 themed community on Telegram.

Here were all the community questions asked:

  1. What type of games has this Unity team already built?

  2. Will Unity be perfecting the plot building mechanics? In my opinion it’s one of the most important features for plot owners.

  3. What's been the most challenging thing you have seen thus far in regards to TCG World’s metaverse?

  4. Considering the current support available, what specific milestones and achievements could Unity realistically reach in co-developing TCG World over the course of the 9-month period?

  5. What inspired Unity Technologies to work with TCG World Metaverse specifically, and what aspects of their vision for the Metaverse align with Unity's own values and goals?

  6. Why has Unity chosen TCG World among all other metaverses?

  7. What is the most difficult part of TCG World, the team will have to overcome in terms of development ?

  8. Will they be implementing and optimizing night and day cycles with varying sprites given time of day?

  9. Now that you've had your hands on TCG World for about a month, how much fixing/optimizing vs building new things would you say your team has already done?

  10. Will Unity utilize any emerging technologies or industry trends to optimize the game's performance, enhance the gameplay mechanics, or improve the metaverse integration?

  11. Where does Unity think they can position TCG World after 9 months of co-development?

  12. After the 9-month contract with TCG World Metaverse is complete, does Unity anticipate continuing to work with TCG World in some capacity, and if so, what form might this ongoing collaboration take?


Below is some of what I gathered while those questions were answered:

- 70% of top 1000 games are built on the Unity engine.

- Unity often works with a lot of titles that come out.

- Some of their best developers at Unity are working on TCG World.

- 15-20 people from Unity are actively working on and with TCG.

- Those people are from different teams with different specialties.

- Justin is impressed with what Unity has done already.

- Unity has around 800 developers they say.

- Unity will help stabalize the gaming experience for TCG.

- Phase 1 of the agreement: Just get everything working well. Foundation building, etc.

- When they add stuff like entertainment, gaming, etc. The foundation is built to allow for growth and scaleability without any problems.

- Gameplay itself will be much improved.

- Andrew spends a lot of time in Web3. One of the things Unity recognize is there's a period of time to gain trust in the Web3 / NFT / Crypto community. Because of this, Unity has to be very intentional when picking games to help and support, they don't want to support a bad project that might rug. Unity has worked with David for a while now and feels his long term vision is solid and positive.

- Unity doesn't want to contract with any company, they want to work with businesses that are positive, have a good story, are legit, etc.

- TCG world is much more gamified than other metaverses, he says.

- Andrew says TCG World has mass potential.

- He says David and his vision are refreshing. David lets Andrew challenge him.

- TCG World's vision and CEO David Evans and his ability/gift to articulate a clear and captivating picture of what TCG World is to be is what Unity liked and was drawn to.

- It's not about choosing one over another, Unity is picky and chose TCG World to move forward with.

- Challenges mentioned: The massive size - not really the size of the world, but the amount of people TCG wants to have in the world at the same time.

- They want to have 1000s, 10,000s if not more on at the same time in the metaverse.

- Anything from graphics to voice, to the lobby, everything has to be perfected to accomodate the massive amounts of people.

- Concerts, game competitions, user generated content, etc. They want to be able to have lots of people in one spot, and they're building the foundation for that.

- David has some comedians lined up for the Belly Ache comedy club in TCG World.

- Optimization of day and night cycles with varying sprites coming out at different times of day? Yes for some, nocturnal creatures. Right now though, TCG World is focused on executing the larger vision. It will be implemented down the road. At the end of the day the mechanics have to be first, the artistic elements will follow in time.

- They want to take the real life experience and put it into the metaverse as much as possible.

- They mention weather too in terms of sprite spawning.

- Unity has identified a lot of areas where they're gonna start working to fix things.

- Optimization for assets was mentioned.

- First 2-3 weeks was just assessing the situation / code of TCG world and figuring out where they can optimize the most.

- He said they're mostly optimizing right now. He says in about 6 months that' when the major building will come.

- Unity is at the forefront of emerging technologies and if any of them will help TCG World, they will use it.

- They can't mention any specific programs they're using. They mention scaling solutions they plan to use is innovative.

- He mentions AI, says AI will creep into technologies including Unity/TCG World.

- Talks about Entertainment, the Avatar 2 movie... a lot of the effects used in that movie were made by Unity. A lot of those tools are being put in the Unity Kits for development for games.

- The chat blew up at that comment.

- Unity acquired WETA - and IRONSOURCE. ASTRA too. Some of these companies deal with relevant ads and marketplace tools all can be built by Unity. This will help the economy in TCG World.

Here's some more info on Unity and IronSource's merge:

- Unity will give TCG World access to emerging technology early as part of this.

- After 9 months: He hopes the engagement will continue. Good gameplay, the ongoing development of the world to help fuel growth. Unity is there to hit the accelerator to take TCG world to the next level.

- Current contract is 9 months, just because the contract ends in 9 months doesn't mean it ends there.

- Unity has ongoing relationships with most of the gaming studios they've worked with.

- Andrew said TCG World is basiclaly turning into a gaming studio themselves.

- Andrew said he knows how important it is to get validation in the Web3 space, and that's why he came on here to talk with the community.

Justin and Andrew exit, the video transitions to the Update portion for the live stream.

- The recording from the AMA with Jace last week is posted in the Verified Plot Owner chat.

- As a reminder I have a summary of that, which can be found here:

- PJ mentions that Jace will be on a future AMA, probably around June for further gaming updates.

- There are new Staking pools over on the TCG World website.

- New pools: 1 month BSC, 1 and 3 month ETH

- Be aware of high ETH gas when staking. Keep in mind.

- Jon reminds everyone to ignore DMs (direct messages) offering help. These are scams.

- Dragon Bible 2.0 has been released. View it here:

- They talk about a new tier of dragon that will be FREE to players. Tier 0. That's the cute baby dragon.

Easter Giveaway winners:

- Easter Friday: Silver plot of land goes to: @Sekay1

- Easter Saturday: Silver plot of land goes to: @Argush44

- Easter Sunday: Gold plot of land goes to: @panneton_w

- Easter Monday - Gold plot of land goes to: @LGelardes

Congrats to the winners!

They announce TCG world will have a series of giveaways for their 2nd birthday!

The TCG world project was announced/released on Mother's Day, May 9th 2021.

On May 9th 2023, it will be the project's 2nd birthday. They will run a giveaway for 6 months. Every week a new giveaway.

- The giveaway will run for 6 months.

- Every Friday for 6 months they will be giving away a DCC NFT.

- How to be eligable:

First week: Everyone who owns a DCC NFT will be entered into the week's drawing.

- A 1 in 10000 chance to win another dragon.

- Rewarded those holders. They have to be unlisted to be qualified.

The following week is for Verified Plot Owners - a gleam contest.

They will alternate weeks - so DCC, then plot owners, DCC again, then plot owners, etc.

26 total dragons to be given away in the next 6 months.

Mad props to TopMarkz and Oggy who made the graphic!

A reminder of the Concert and Stadium Build video that was released recently:

See the complete live AMA stream here:

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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Blaze M
Blaze M
05 mai 2023

So pumped!!! So stoked!!! This AMA has left me SHAKING! I just cannot wait to see how this project will change the world of gaming 🔥😎🔥

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