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MetaBrief: TCG World Metaverse News for April 17th 2023

MetaBrief: A weekly update of all things TCG World

Week of April 17th 2023


The biggest announcement this week was a much anticipated update to the Dragon Whitepaper / Dragon Bible. The 104 pages long document details the ambitious and massive plans they have for the Dragon Cave Club NFTs within TCG World. The collection is available now on OpenSea.

A huge shoutout to Oggy and TopMarkz. They worked tirelessly behind the scenes to put The Dragon Bible together. From all the content, a bunch of math, tons of pictures and many, many edits, they did it all. Once your'e done reading the Dragon Bible, please tag them on the socials to say a thank you!


TCG World posted a new video showing two different buildings that look near finished. One looks like a jellyfish, the other looks like the Universal Neural Teleportation Network.. I'm just waiting for a ship to appear out of it!

One building is a concert venue, the other a stadium. In the video below you can see a lot of stuff around it - that's just filler stuff to make the video look more awesome than it already is. Stuff like the avatars and even the scenery/island is just filler.

So where on the map is this going? I believe towards the center city.

Here's the video:

And I know you people (DID HE JUST SAY YOU PEOPLE) don't know what the Universal Neural Teleportation Network is.. it's the hex shapes that appear when a ship in the Marvel Cincematic Universe travels. Think Guardians of the Galaxy. Here's a refresher:


This week TCG World's Twitter showed off the last of the 4 3-D baby dragon models, the red Asia one. Not mad at all btw.. that was just a clickbaity title for this section that has no actual clickable links. Good job me, the moron.

These dragons are no longer AI concepts, they are fully 3D now and are in the process of getting rigged (if not done already), with plans for emotions, animations, you name it. These cute lil guys will be your companions in the game. Everyone will get one upon character creation.

LOOK AT THEM!!! HOW COULD YOU CHOOSE JUST ONE??? Word is they're looking at ways to eventually have players get more - so it may be possible down the line to get a full set of these lil cuties.


Last weekend TCG World had 4 days of Easter giveaways. The winners have not been announced yet - they plan to announce them on the upcoming AMA.. which I believe is scheduled for this Friday.

Below are the 4 contests:


A TCG World shirt on National TV! Chris aka Cryptos Richboy, aka an OG supporter of TCG World, was interviewed by CBS12 for something unrelated to TCG World and wore the TCG World Metaverse T-shirt. Awesome!

Want your own TCG World shirt? Visit the website and put in code SPRITEREPORT at checkout for absolutely no savings at all 'cause I'm making this up as I type.. but wouldn't that be nice? Go get a shirt if you want!

Here's another shot he posted on Telegram that also proves he was not naked:


TCG World is turning 2 soon. They launched on Mother's Day May 9th 2021. Wait.. they're only 2? Seems like I've been doing this forever. I have? Crap.

Here's a flashback of what they did last year.. I wonder what we're in for this year!



The 30-day staking pools are expiring soon. In like 1-3 days depending upon BSC or ETH. What's the housefly reference for? Well, TCG World's staking pools last longer than the average housefly. 28 days vs 30 days. The Sprite Report is so dang informative.


Want some Staking Tips? I often read (in a whiny voice just in my head.. sorry that's just how I read em) of people struggling to see their coins in the staking pool on the TCG World website. It's a common problem.

The solutions are pretty simple.

First let's make sure you EXPAND the section - look for the "Details" button. It's bright green. A lot of people don't see this button. Without pushing this button you won't see your coins.

Secondly, two things: try clearing your browser cache if you can't find your coins, then give the page a refresh. They usually will show up for you after that.

If that doesn't work, the ultimate one is is as follows:

- Disconnect your wallet from the TCG World website.

- Close out the tab.

- Clear your browser cache.

- Open a new tab, go to

- Reconnect your wallet (and double check it's the one you used to stake your coins in)

- Go to the staking page and check em out.


Destiny said yesterday on their AMA they're talking to the dude who owns a Knight Industries Two Thousand. What's a Knight Industries Two Thousand you ask? Oh you precious non-nerd you.

Anyways.. Destiny plans to put AI all up in that Knight Industries Two Thousand so it'll talk with the mannerisms of the original Knight Industries Two Thousand. You can ask the Knight Industries Two Thousand verbal questions and it'll respond and have all the awesome knowledge that the Knight Industries Two Thousand should have.

This is pretty dang exciting if you ask me! The Knight Industries Two Thousand, with the Destiny AI inside it, could go mega viral. But who knows?

Hey Destiny if you read this, how about getting the Knight Industries Two Thousand in TCG World too? TALK ABOUT AWESOME!!


Ryan, aka Deso Syndicate, lives in a castle of his own creation. Probably a platinum sized one. Anyways, he is going to be a speaker at the BREATHE! Convention coming up in 2 weeks, May 3-5 in Las Vegas. Go meet the man himself!


Another concept turned into a 3D Sprite for use in TCG World. This lil guy's pose reminded me of Wolverine. Dang, how many Marvel references am I squeezing into this?

Here's the original concept art:

I think the 3d model is at a weird angle, his nose area looks a bit wonky. But otherwise looks pretty dang good. Can't wait to meet him in TCG World!

These were posted last week as well, figured I'd subject all my readers to them again:

Original concept:

This one is just badass! Looks amazing!

Original concept:

And a good boy:

Original concept:


No update this week, it's the same as last week:

The servers will be down until the next build becomes available. They're working on it now. No ETA has been provided.

Unity has their hands on the latest version of the TCG World Alpha and is now going through the code, making fixes where needed, and developing new stuff. David is following their lead, and it'll be up to Unity to release future playable builds. It may be weeks, it may be months perhaps. Unity has the brightest minds and the best developers on the team, with a full arsenel of their Unity toys to play with. I can't wait to see what they come up with!


This is one of my avatars in TCG World. Got free from Ready Player Me during the Christmas holiday. This is the first time I was able to use it : )


Car Mystery Box Update: 3756 mystery boxes left.


Cryptos Richboy posts regular project updates on his Youtube Kenneth posts a lot on his Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok

MetaBitBros posts a variety of vidoes on Youtube

Blaze posts and streams over on Youtube

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Blaze M
Blaze M
May 05, 2023

Wowza! That Dragon Bible is starting to look and feel like a true "bible". Look at the size of that thing! But also, how adorbs are those baby dragons 🔥😍🔥


I want every single one of those baby dragons.... one way or another 😍

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