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MetaBrief: TCG World Metaverse News for March 27th 2023

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

MetaBrief: A weekly update of all things TCG World

Week of March 27th 2023

Old Plot Owner Chat Retired

The chat was retired yesterday, with Jace posting a message directing people to the new verified plot owner chat. The new chat automatically and continuously verifies that people are plot owners. The bots will kick anyone who sells their final plot, thus maintaining the exclusivity of the chat to actual plot owners.

Got plots and want to join? Follow this link to the message below:

Just a reminder that The Sprite Report will never leak the exclusive info from that group. If you want the good stuff straight from the horse's mouth, you'll need to join.

No More Farms Available in the Forest

Diamond Farms are now "sold out" in the Forest region! Every single one is allocated now! The Forest is the first region to have that happen. If you want a diamond sized farm in the forest, you'll have to purchase from another player via the TCG World Marketplace. Unallocated diamond farms are still available in the three other regions.


Did you notice the new creature filter in the marketplace? It was added this week! Soon you'll be able to mint sprites (level 2 and above), and if you want, list them on the marketplace! That should happen with the drop of Alpha 4.0 - no current ETA on that, but the fact they added a creature filter means we're getting closer!

Alpha Servers Down Temporarily

The Alpha servers have been down for about a week now in preparation for the newest version of TCG World Alpha. Will the new update be 4.0?

Additionally the Sprite Leaderboard is now on hold until further notice.

TCG World was at Outer Edge

Outer Edge, formerly NFT LA, was this past week. PJ Krypto and Eric Chan were there representing TCG World. They met with several projects and got contacts for some that we may eventually see team up with TCG World.

PJ Krypto also did a few interviews for his Youtube Channel, including this one with Skale.

TCG World was also at GDC

Here's a pic from March 22nd of Eric pointing at the TCG world logo at the Blockchain Game Alliance booth at the Game Developer's Conference:

And here's a video of him breakdancing!

Let Destiny Guide You

This post over on the TCG World Facebook page got a lot of attention! Make sure to check it out, like comment and follow TCG World on Facebook!

Speaking of Destiny, they had an AMA last week. Here's the tidbits I wrote down about TCG World:

Destiny plans to put out a personality test for users to fill out. These tests are basically meant to mimic your own personality in an avatar form. This means you can be away from TCG World but your avatar can remain, and others can interact with your avatar.

Other use cases mentioned were for Shopkeepers and Car Salesmen/women. Thus giving those NPC avatars a bit more personality than you'd find in a normal game.

Destiny will also be able to translate and speak in multiple languages.

Educational Center Pictures

TCG also showed us a glimpse into the development of the Educational Center. Things keep on moving ahead!

The Snowy North

And also a short video of it snowing the North region!

V2 of the Dragon Whitepaper Soon!

The TCG World whitepaper team has been hard at work on the Dragon Whitepaper for months. Version 2 of this very important whitepaper is nearly finished. They're polishing it up, fixing a few small things, making it as perfect as possible.. and then they will release it to the public! I've seen it.. and it's a work of art. 100+ pages for the full document.

Most Held LowCap?

This graphic came out this past week that shows TCG2 as the "Most Held LowCap" according to Crypto Whale.

Sprite Leaderboard

Week 16 has been posted! A reminder that the leaderboard is currently on pause due to upgrades.

Bellere Mystery Cars

Car Mystery Box Update: 3766 mystery boxes left.

Community Content

Cryptos Richboy posts regular project updates on his Youtube Kenneth posts a lot on his Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok

MetaBitBros posts a variety of vidoes on Youtube

Blaze posts and streams over on Youtube

Please support the dedicated community! Likes, Comments, Follows, Suscribes all go a long way to help the community. Do you know any others producing TCG World content on the regular? Let me know!

Read Last Week's Ketchup!

Best Places for TCG World News:

TCG World Youtube for AMA Update Streams TCG World Twitter for Daily Posts from them. TCG World Verified Plot Owner Chat - Search for David's name and read all his comments. Check the pinned messages. Here's how to get in:

Recent and Informational Sprite Reports:

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Keep up to date with K10! K10 Twitter

Hot Take. There is only one true Ketchup and that is by Heinz. Hands down. No argument.

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Blaze M
Blaze M
May 05, 2023

Glad to see they have increased the security for the Plot Owner's chat in telegram! Less scammers and randoms now and a much more focused group 🔥🥰🔥


Big Country
Big Country
Mar 27, 2023

Great informative update. Thank you!!! 💙💜💚

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