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MetaBrief: TCG World Metaverse News for March 6th 2023

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

MetaBrief: A weekly update of all things TCG World.

Week of March 6th 2023.

TCG World News Updates:

There's a new verified plot owner group on TCG World's Telegram. Going forward this is the best spot to learn about all the updates direct from David and Justin. The new group uses as a verification tool that ensures the members in the chat are actual plot owners. If they sell their land, they get removed from the group. The old group will be retired, feel free to leave it.

Just a reminder that The Sprite Report will never leak the exclusive info from that group. If you want the good stuff straight from the horse's mouth, you need to join.

Direct link to the message below so you can join:

There was a change to the TCG World Website: The Land Presale tab (Sale Page) has been removed. David has said the sale will be back in the future. This change makes the secondary marketplace the only way to get plots for the time being.

There was an improvement to the marketplace listings: The listing price now rounds up. IE, 0.25555557 now shows as 0.26, very nice.

Sprite Leaderboard: Week 13 has been posted. Week 14 winner list will likely be posted in the next 48 hours.

Car Mystery Box Update: 3806 boxes left

TCG World Twitter announced a contest with Illuvium. Make sure you're entered!

Staking Update: The 1 month BSC staking pool for TCG2 ends in 13 days. ETH 1 month pool ends in 16 days.

TCG World Youtube is putting out a lot of short videos. They're a quick way of keeping up with some of what TCG World is doing.

Community Members producing TCG World Content: Cryptos Richboy Posts regular project updates on Youtube Kenneth - Posts a lot on Youtube

MetaBitBros on Youtube as well.

Please support the dedicated community! Do you know any others? Let me know!

Best Places for TCG World News:

TCG World Youtube for AMA Update Streams TCG World Twitter for Daily Posts from them. TCG World Verified Plot Owner Chat - Search for David's name and read all his comments. Check the pinned messages. Here's how to get in:

Recent and Informational Sprite Reports: 1 Year Anniversary

Keep Up To Date with the TCG World Guilds!

Hot Take. There is only one true Ketchup and that is by Heinz. Hands down. No arguement.

Thanks for reading another Sprite Report! Please follow The Sprite Report on Social media!

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Big Country
Big Country
Mar 06, 2023

Great update!!! Thank you.

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