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MetaBrief: TCG World Metaverse News for March 20th 2023

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

MetaBrief: A weekly update of all things TCG World

Week of March 20th 2023

The best place to get news is in the NEW Verified Plot Owner Group over on Telegram!

Get all the updates direct from David, Justin, Jace, Jon and the rest of the team. The new group uses as a verification tool that ensures the members in the chat are actual plot owners. If they sell their land, they get removed from the group. The old group will be retired, feel free to leave it.

Just a reminder that The Sprite Report will never leak the exclusive info from that group. If you want the good stuff straight from the horse's mouth, you need to join.

Direct link to the message below so you can join:

Unity Started This Week

Unity started their 9 month commitment to help co-develop TCG World last Wednesday. There was an introduction meeting with Unity and the TCG World team Wednesday morning. David plans to have some of the Unity team on a private AMA in the Verified Plot Group soon, maybe even as early as this week.

Please expect no announcements from Unity about them working on TCG World. Unlike the Crypto world, they operate more like a business, and businesses don't really announce anything until things are nearing completion.

Two Weeks, Two New Partnerships

Last week TCG World announced a partnership with This week it was with Destiny A.I.. On Tuesday there was a huge map change on the website that teased the partnership:

Also a Destiny bot was put into the Verified Plot Owner chat that you can ask it questions. I personally woke up to over 1000 messages, and an additional 2000 more messages were sent out that day. People were having fun asking Destiny questions, getting to know her, the plans for TCG World, etc... in addition to all the fun images that she was creating. TCG World plans to have a separate chat soon for her so she doesn't fill up most of the chat.

Venly Headquarters In The Works

Sandstorm's weekly build proposal was for Venly's Headquarters! This is Week 15 of Sandstorm's community creating and building stuff for TCG World.

The partnership with Venly was announced over a year ago. Owners of their MetaRing will have certain perks within TCG World.

MetaRing is not just limited to TCG World, it has benefits planned for a wide range of metaverse projects. Check out all the perks for owners here.

TCG World at Outer Edge in Los Angeles

Outer Edge, formerly NFT LA, starts today and ends on the 23rd. PJ Krypto, Eric Chan, and possibly a few others from the team will be attending this event.

This past week there were two winners announced on Twitter who got free tickets to the event. Congrats on winning Tickets @ShelleyShiller and @waltereld81 Say hi to William Shatner for me!

Eric Chan will also be attending the Game Developer's Conference this week in San Francisco.

First Cosplay of TCG World??

Speaking of @ShelleyShiller she shared her cosplay of a TCG World starter avatar! Check this out!

Cyber Hornet News

According to this tweet, the Cyber Hornet's plot within TCG World will feature a private poker room for their community members!

Plus they shared an image of the Web3 Comics shop they're building in TCG World! Make sure you're following their Twitter as they have alot of good tidbits in there!

Can't wait to see all the comics on those shelves from Web3 Comics! This is an exciting one for myself personally, as I'm a huge nerd and love anything comic book related! Here's a little more about them:

Where To Get Plots

And a reminder that the only way to get plots at the moment is through the secondary marketplace. The regular presale for plots is paused and no longer an option on the website. With a plot, you get access to the Verified Plot Owner chat where all the exclusive news, images and videos are shown. Additionally you can participate in the TCG World Alpha.

Sprite Leaderboard

Week 15 has been posted! TCGSensey takes the top prize, with 9 others scoring a car.

Bellere Mystery Cars

Car Mystery Box Update: 3776 mystery boxes left. Last week: 3799. 2 weeks ago: 3806.

Staking Update

The 1 month BSC and ETH staking pools for TCG2 ended in the past 24 hours. And the new pools are now live for those who want to stake or restake in the 1 month pools!

See Justin's message here:

1,147,869 Coins

NOT including the pools that just expired.. There's 1,147,869 coins in OLD EXPIRED POOLS! And that's just on the BSC side - there's more in the ETH pools. Some are even still in the very first pool ever created by TCG World! It's insane to me that some people don't check back on these, and just let them collect dust.

New Bot in Telegram Chat

There's a new bot called "Feed Reader Bot - Premium" that has just entered the Telegram chats. It's only job is to repost TCG World's Tweets. But this is a welcome addition, as the previous bot never shared the pictures, and this one shares everything! Here's an example post:

VR vs Meta vs TCG

Blaze put out a new video this week explaining the differences between Virtual Reality, Facebook's Meta and the TCG World Metaverse. Well worth a watch!

Community Content

Cryptos Richboy posts regular project updates on his Youtube Kenneth posts a lot on his Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok

MetaBitBros posts a variety of vidoes on Youtube

Blaze posts and streams over on Youtube

Please support the dedicated community! Likes, Comments, Follows, Suscribes all go a long way to help the community. Do you know any others producing TCG World content on the regular? Let me know!

Read Last Week's Ketchup!

Best Places for TCG World News:

TCG World Youtube for AMA Update Streams TCG World Twitter for Daily Posts from them. TCG World Verified Plot Owner Chat - Search for David's name and read all his comments. Check the pinned messages. Here's how to get in:

Recent and Informational Sprite Reports:

Keep Up To Date with the TCG World Guilds!

Keep up to date with K10! K10 Twitter

Hot Take. There is only one true Ketchup and that is by Heinz. Hands down. No arguement.

Thanks for reading another Sprite Report! Please follow The Sprite Report on Social media!

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Blaze M
Blaze M

TCG is always making sure they have the latest and greatest tech! We have Unity working with us and now an AI tech added! Can't wait to see where each of those takes us! 🔥🤖👩‍🚀🔥


Big Country
Big Country

Thank you for another great and informative Sprite Report. Greatly appreciate!!!

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