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TCG World Metaverse News for July 12th 2022

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- The Sprite Report would like to congratulate The Buzz from the Cyber Hornets Colony Club (an official partner of TCG world) on becoming a new father!

Some wonderful photos on his Twitter! Make sure to head over there and give him a congrats!

Speaking of the Cyber Hornets - Owners of their NFTs have until Monday to mint their #1 Comic! Here's the link for that:

Ethereum TCG2 Presale Info:

The Presale still continues. There is no update to ETA when Uniswap will go live. However the presale is going well and the liquidity is growing very nicely! It's up to 385 ETH as of this Report. By participating in the presale, you et 5% more TCG2. Details on the TCG website.


TCG World is very excited to share with you our launch on Uniswap with a TCG2 presale!

The link below is for the presale for purchase of TCG2 on Ethereum at 5% discount to BSC pricing. The price will adjust every few hours to ensure the discount remains effective. 100% of the funds raised for the presale will be added to the Liquidity Pool for the upcoming Uniswap launch.

You will will need to create a profile on the TCG World website and connect using Metamask to purchase the Presale.


PJ Krypto was at the Metaverse Expo this past weekend and shot a lot of footage. He released a trailer today and is in the process of making a playlist with all the footage he took. Footage will include interviews with the various projects there, some of the speeches he was able to attend, and his experience playing Alpha!

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Here's the trailer:


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Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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