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TCG World's Metaverse Expo 2022 in Pictures - Day 2

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

The Metaverse Expo in Las Vegas Nevada July 8th to 10th 2022

Tickets Here:

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Saturday July 9th - Day 2 of the Metaverse Expo in Pictures.

Mike Miller's comics/prints - Funky Monkey Frat House website

This bus is where the Call of Duty competition was held.

Captain Awesome from Greed -



Shelley Shiller at the Farmer Doge booth.

Is that a Predator?

The VIP Party venue was changed at the last minute.

Collect-A-Ball Booth

Quite the crowd on Saturday!

Frank Curzio from Curzio Research

Project Nightfall

Project Nightfall on Stage.

Thousandaire c Quel and Loyalty The Kid in some epic photos!

Shelley playing Alpha.

Super Star Meta Bit Bros

The Matic Greys

Alpha loaded up on a laptop.

Curzio Research is making a Metaverse movie!

Curzio Research

Jaime from WallStreetBets

Jason Paige interviewing David Evans real quick - see it here:

These guys can't not take an epic photo.

Crypto Skukz

TCG World Group Shot.

Drinks after Day 2.

Crypto Skukz

David with Farmer Doge mascot.

Free shirts were handed out.

Rev3al / TCG World Metaverse Expo Car.

Matic Greys

Matic Greys


Joe Way on his way to the VIP Party.

Pi sporting grey.

Matic Grey community.

Cody Krantz

Preston Winter's excuse for not attending.

Jace with Project Nightfall.

Mo Ben with Frank Curzio.

"Back at it"

Thousandaire feeling the drink.

Walt posted so many good photos!

I still have no idea who this is, but he was claimed to have already been in the metaverse.

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