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TCG World Metaverse News for July 10th 2022

Today was the final day of the Metaverse Expo!

- Over the weekend there were several videos of community members playing the TCG World Alpha and sharing their thoughts. Here are some I found:



- (MetaBitBros!)

- (MetaBitBros) -

- -

- Cory Warfield spoke at the convention - here is his keynote:

- Alex talked his voice away again. Poor fella. Hopefully he'll be able to talk on Friday for the Update Stream! That should be a pretty full one!

- Last night’s VIP event was very colorful! Check out this video!

- Project Nightfall’s post a few days ago about the Metaverse Expo had 65,000 reactions to it.

See the post here:

Now imagine when they start making videos about TCG World! Or from inside TCG World! Or start holding events in TCG World with their community! Project Nightfall has a huge following!

- When can the public buy TCG World Energy Drinks at your local 7-11? I'm just asking for a friend. I'm my own friend.

- When does TCG World get their own Mascot as cute as the Farmer Doge Mascot? Also asking for a friend. A pink friend.

- Jace hinted again about big deals. Jace first said this....

Then the next day said this:

That's all I got for you today! Tons of tweets below, and photos I found from the expo are below!


DAY 1 - Click Here!

DAY 2 - Click Here!

DAY 3 - Click Here!


The NeanderBros NFT project definitely came out a winner this weekend! 1. Their booth was free, they won it in a contest. 2. They minted their first 1000 NFTs. 3. I'm assuming they met a lot of great folks to network with! That's what these conventions are good for, networking and growing! Congrats to them!

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