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TCG World Metaverse News for July 8th 2022

Today was the start of the Metaverse Expo in Las Vegas! I've collected a lot of pictures and some video links! Since this is a 3-day event, I'm going to pretty much compile everything together and keep adding onto it. So if the posts seem similar on Day 2 and Day 3 - they are! But I assure you I'm adding tons more pics and links and every little tidbit I can grab : )

All the Info you Need for the Metaverse Expo:

July 8th, 9th, 10th. Las Vegas.

Get your tickets here:

Another way to get tickets:

Website (Speaker and Exhibitors List):

Follow the Expo Twitter Account:

Metaverse Expo Media Coverage So Far - A lot of this is duel Jigsaw/Metaverse pretty much:

Before Con Started:


Metaverse Real Estate VIP Kickoff Party:

And Tory Lanez was announced for a Saturday performance at the VIP Pool Party:


Video showing the cool TCG World themed cars:

TCG World themed Energy Drink? YES PLEASE!

AMA Live Stream #45 Highlights - Live from Vegas!

- Alex goes live, gives a tour of the Metaverse Expo. The area is absolutely huge.

- Frank Curzio

- Greed and Captain Awesome

- MetaV Group and Rev3al booth - had a driving simulator

- Dawson Racing - talks about the TCG Racing Team, nothing too much.

- Huge booth for Den of Dragons, Cyber Hornets, Funky Monkey Frat House

- Mike S. Miller offering free prints.

- Cryptomom brief appearance.

- Some poker tables were set up.

- PulseCon

- Son of Doge

- Alan King (He runs a fashion Crypto project that Alex's wife loves)

- Pi Protocol (and PJ Crypto)

- FarmerDoge

- CryptoBlast - an Energy drink company - Alex shows a TCG energy drink

- Cornerstone and Arcade (metaverse projects)

- Starship Booth with Matthew

- GGTOOR booth - talks about doing AMA from their stadium

- Andre Allen says a hello

- Alexandre from JPIC says hi - he runs the Puzzle Convention

- Speed-puzzling competitions, 38 puzzlers doing a 54k piece puzzle for a world record.

- This is the first jigsaw puzzle convention ever.

- They're gonna be developing 3d puzzles for TCG World! Kinda cool!

- Shows the TCG World booh - huge video screen.

- Jon Dixon says hi, Tyler Wilke

- Alex says the Diamond holders will likely be getting in soon.

- Ben Lewis says hi. He put the whole convention together basically.

- Shows some of the computer setups showing Alpha.

- David Evans stops by and says hi.

- Clipz from Faze Clan is speaking behind them.

- CryptoBull says hi - "the real celebrity"

- Shoutout to CryptoSkunkz

- Shows a gaming bus. TCG video showing on the bus.

- Jules from Women in Crypto - she's playing Alpha

- Clipz says Hi.

- CryptoMom stops by, shouts out Alex's wife, then goes to find Clipz

- Jason Paige stops by and sings a little bit of the theme song.

- Jason really likes the Stripperville NFT project.

- Tonight they will be holding a VIP event at the Sahara Casino.

- Tomorrow a pool party with Tory Lanez

- Kim talks about Freckle, an online trivia project.

- NFT swimsuits made out of plastic

- Valor Bare Knuckle booth, Ken Shamrock is there taking photos.

- Chats with Ken for a little bit.

- EPay is next door - The Linktree of Web3 - He talked to David about integrating their system into TCG World

- Planet Xolo booth - NFT Set, Web3 Game, P2E - Open to everyone soon.

- Matic Grey booth - their 1st convention. NFT proud family project partnered with TCG World. Baby Greys on the way.

- Visited the Greed booth again.

- Catches up with David again.

- Alpha going is very well. It's on 10 PCs there. Gonna open it up to Diamonds in the next few days he said.

- Alex says there's a bunch of media people coming in for interviews.

- Says he might do another Live Stream tomorrow or Sunday.

- Catches up with Walt again.

- Denise from School Coin says hello.

- Jace pops in and says hi.

- Alex leaves at the 55m mark 'cause he's speaking in 5 minutes!

I saw some awesome stuff in the walk-around - I'd really love that poster Mike is handing out. Also a Matic Greys post card, that's badass!


- A new article mentions TCG World and the Curzio deal -

A comment about the Uniswap Presale:

Look at this cool Cyber Hornets graphic with the TCG Rings posted on Twitter!

Ongoing: Collect A Ball and Win a Tesla?

Collect-A-Ball NFT announced a new updated roadmap that includes giving away a Tesla Modle 3. Wowie!

Here's the Collect-A-Ball Website:

Posts by Others

Stripperville is at the Expo - they're an interesting project lol. Saw some fun with them today! But the below tweets basically sum everything up:

Definitely a project on my to-research list - 'cause I have no idea what's going on.

More Research:

A lot of fun projects!

Here's an early day video posted:

This video shows Puzzle con and Metaverse Expo (early in the day)

One more for the road - Farmerdoge having fun!

Please note: The Stripperville NFT project is not associated with TCG World other than being at the Metaverse Expo in Las Vegas.


Click the bear image below for Alpha Pictures!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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