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TCG World News for May 27th 2022

Updated: May 28, 2022

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COUNTDOWN: 42 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

New Offer to Ape Owners - Discounted Entrance to the Metaverse Expo!

You're invited to #LasVegas - 50% off for #BAYC holders!

We would like to invite all @BoredApeYC holders to the event of the summer!

Get 50% off ticket prices just for being in the #BoredApeYC


Latest Addition to the Expo Site: Jesse Johnson, Founder of Aavegotchi, as a Keynote Speaker.

TCG World is going to Vegas! Everyone is invited!

⏳When: July 8,9,10 of 2022

📍Where: Las Vegas Convention Centre, South Hall S1

For details and tickets go to

New NFT Collaboration Announced:

TCG posted it yesterday, here's the announcement from Telegram:

🥳 TCG World Collaborates with NFT Artist @Giraffesss to create the TCG Giraffes that will be displayed inside the TCG World Metaverse Art Gallery 🥳 ...Every home needs a piece of art! 👩‍🎨

The 50 piece collection will not be up for auction just yet but you can check out their other work 👇🏻

Check out the TCG collection ➡️

TG ➡️

Dragon Cave Club is VERIFIED! Also.. 800 ETH Volume!

A long time coming!

Update Stream Highlights!

Biggest one for me was that we'll see the Marina soon!

Did anyone order some Alpha Footage?

Thanks to Tony for taking these - and Sharath for combining them into one video!

And some Alpha pictures:

Was trying to capture some birds in flight in these next few photos. Otherwise they're just good photos with the roads : )

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report - see ya tomorrow!

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