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TCG World Updates Stream #39 Highlights - The one in Miami on a Phone

TCG World Updates Stream #39

- Alex is on his phone. Doesn't have a streaming set up. He's at a restaurant, no visuals, but next week's update will have more info.

- Alex has been on this trip since May 5th.

- Has done multiple speaking events.

- Alex is flying home tomorrow.

- He says they're working with some well known brand names, companies in the entertainment and music industry.

- He talks about how he shows people Alpha - he snaps a picture of them, makes an avatar with Ready Player Me of them, then gets into the game.

- Met a bunch of crypto projects in Miami.

- Was at Permissionless, then VeeCon - now back in Miami to finish up some meetings.

- Had 3 speaking events in the past week - 1 will be aired tomorrow. Links will go out tomorrow.

- Had an interview with a magazine called Blokster. Also has another meeting with them tonight.

- Did Epic Talks a day or so ago, a panel of speakers about the Metaverse.

- Did some Q&A with the audience there, everyone's curious about TCG World.

- Setting up some more speaking events for other conventions.

- Next convention is in Austin Texas, he's flying out there.

- 2 Conventions Decentral Austin and Consensus - TCG World will be at both.

- He invites anyone in the area to come by and say hi!

- New build for Alpha coming out - 2.7.5 is the latest build. Every build improves and optimizes - it's been fantastic to demo for people.

- Mod team is loving being in Alpha. They're posting pictures every day.

- He showed one of the investors the volcano. Walked through the caves and such.

- TCG World is impressing people due to how advanced they are at this point.

- Gives props to the studios work ethic.

- Talks about a domino effect of deals coming fast - talking about announcements and projects coming in.

- Market is down, but TCG World keeps chugging along. 5 million dollar deal this week. News outlets picking up fast.

- MetaV and others have been sending people to Alex / TCG World - celebs, investors, etc.

- Getting very close to bringing in the Diamond plot holders.

- Some bugs in the game still, but most of the major ones have been addressed.

- When the Diamond plot owners get in, it'll be the first time when non-TCG team will get in and start telling everyone how the experience is.

- Now the team is working on the Marina!!!! Maybe pictures next week, he had planned to show some this week but due to being on the phone wasn't possible.

- They're updating the road system and lights!

- Adding destructible trees where they fall over (for driving cars they get out of the way)

- Enzo, from MetaV Group, wants to do real life commercials for TCG World, including his cars (lambos). Talks about merging real life with TCG World for the commercial.

- Has gotten multiple verbal agreements from folks, now they're hashing out all the details on paper and readying them for announcements.

- In the next couple of weeks they hope to bring in a lot of folks for AMA's / meet and greets, etc.

- Concerning Giveaways - They're gonna announce them next Friday - so they have visuals and can celebrate properly. It should be a lot of winners.

- Talks about an interview with a partner that hasn't been announced yet, I believe he said it'd be next week.

That was about it, short and sweet. Only 35 mins long approx. Then he moved to Telegram for a short AMA

You can see this AMA below.

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