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TCG World Metaverse News for September 11th 2022

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The News:

- September 11th. Never forget. - I did a stream last night, check it out on Twitch or Youtube!

Twitch here:


Here's some stuff I've noticed about the Sprites in game so far: - They spawn with a flash of light! Very easily spotted from a distance. Sprites are not as easily spotted when they're just roaming around. So look for this light when you're travelling! - Sprites roam around the area they spawn at. It's a small area. Seems like a random roam, but they never leave unless you chase them out of there. - Sprites seem to be ignoring dragons. Keep to the air and you can get up close to them. - Sprites AVOID plots. I watched a sprite walk around the plot borders, and between plot borders. It never entered a plot once This is for their normal pathing - I did not chase it to see if it enters plots that way. - It only takes 1 ring to catch them. So far it has been the green one, I haven't tried the blue one. - You can catch MULTIPLE Sprites with one ring! When I was about to quit last night, I spawned the 6 sprites I had captured in the stream. They kinda bugged out and were chilling in the air near each other. I threw a ring and captured multiples in one animation. Any sprite that was in the blue flame animation went back to my inventory. - The Birdman sprite stops to DANCE as part of it's normal movement. - So far the sprites spawning in game are: The bright blue "frog" sprite. Birdman. And the little ewok looking thing. - It takes 10 sprites to evolve them to the next level. - Birdman does not have a further evolution.

More to come!

- The river is back in Alpha! Remember this article from April 25th? The devs had put a river in this area below, then they took it out. And now it's back and it's changed a bit. But the river still flows from David's Bored Ape plot to the main river separating the Forest from the East.

Dragon Whisperer posted this pic on Twitter: