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Update: Changed! (A TCG World Alpha Discovery! A River Goes to the Bored Ape Plot in the Metaverse!)

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Update: As of 6-21-22, this river has been replaced with a road. A good reminder that this is Alpha and everything is subject to change. Will they change it back? It's possible, but I have no idea. I saw a lot of good work in that area over the last few weeks, with some awesome pathways developed, the river beds worked on and looking better. So maybe they're gonna put it some where else? or maybe something came up and ideas changed for that whole area. Again, it's Alpha.

Original article:

Jace discovered a river in the forest live on his stream today! It goes from the main river to the bored apes area.

Really bad streaming quality, but here's the river!

These will be fun locations to own! The edge plots will be right on this river!

Coordinates are roughly -6115 left to right to David's Bored Ape plot.

I must add though that this is early Alpha testing and things can change, including location and appearance, so please be aware of that.

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