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Highlights of the TCG World Telegram AMA with Jace April 7th 2023

Voice Chat with Jace, the Chief Gaming Officer of TCG World

The Voice Chat was recorded and he will make it available for the verified plot owners.

Over the past week Jace has been collecting questions from the TCG World community. Here are the questions and answers, as best as I could type while live.

Where are the funds held in the liquidity pool? Which wallet?

- It's locked for 10 years and no one can gain access until that time is up. Here is the link:

When will the TCG website be updated, and who will do it? - A few months for major updates. Unity and the Japanese studio will handle it.

Japanese Studio info - They started last month, March 15th and are working full time.

The latest version had some fuzzy graphics (mainly avatars from what I can tell)

- They're aware of it and fixes are in the works.

Updates from Unity?

- Unity started working 15th of March. Communication is daily. Unity is giving updates to the team daily, with video meetings weekly.

Mobile version of TCG World?

- Yes it's in the pipeline, no ETA on it, they're focused on PC build first. Unity has been tasked to make a Web GL build for TCG World as well. Again no ETA, but will be on the future new roadmap. Maybe roadmap in 1-2 months?

Why have Dev Wallets dumped on the community?

- NO Dev wallets have dumped. They have not sold a cent since launch. Income comes from the sales of land, cars, etc. Any dumping would be from community owned wallets.

Every month a wallet is being sent TCG2 tokens in large amounts, what's up with that?

- This is the staking pool contracts, available on the website. These are often refilled once per month. The tokens come from the Dev wallet to the staking wallets.

Any updates on Japanese studio on their progress?

- No details provided to the community just yet, they started on Mar 15th, hard at work fixing bugs and optimizaiton. Team is focused on characters, vehicles, landscaping and the environment, game load optimization, and reducing the size of the build.

Is the Japanese Studio and Unity working together?

- Yes, Japanese studio working full time for TCG World, and they're working with Unity (unity has a 9 month contract)

What is happening with the old avatars? WSB, Greed, Starship?

- The old Avatars will still be made for everyone. Some Avatars like Greed may need to be changed, due to Greed not being in business anymore, but players will get an in-game avatar regardless. Not a huge priority at the moment, but they will eventually get to it.

Do we have to wait for the Bellere cars to sell out to get any more kinds of mystery boxes?

- Policy is usually 90% sold before they consider selling any other types. All depends on supply/demand.

When can Plot owners get back into Alpha again?

- When Unity releases a new stable version. He mentioned it may be a few months. No ETA on it. Up to Unity.

When can we import our own buildings in TCG World? FBX Files/Blender, etc.

- He said it's a top priority feature for the team. Over the next few months he hopes. Jace is looking forward to it himself.

Will there be any new building materials in the builder?

- Yes, Jace has requested more assets. Brand new and unique to TCG World assets. Again in the coming months, no ETA.

When do you think Alpha will go public? Beta?

- He thinks Beta would be the best time to go public. No time frame, a better rindication will be in the next few months from the studio/Unity. He said he hoped for Christmas this year.

Are all current NFT assets being upgraded to smart contracts?

- They're looking at new smart contracts for all the assets. They want to focus TCG World towards gamers, with security features in mind. He talked a lot about security for this.

Opensea Plots? Plots on Opensea?

- When they are moved to the new smart contract, again no ETA.

List dragons on the TCG Website?

- No hard timelines, he talked about ETH chain on the TCG World website. It's coming - just no ETA.

When can we start to mint sprites?

- Postponned until the new studio improves capturing mechanices and such. They're looking into smart contracts for the sprites, and they also want it to be as fair as possible for new folks joining.

When will the roadmap/whitepaper be updates?

- Hopefully Unity will have some info in a few weeks. Roadmap in the coming months. Likely no hard dates on them, but more of a rolling roadmap with a bunch of stuff on it that will be check marked off.

TCG World had their own roadmap at the start of the project with tasks and features they wanted, it was very basic and just a guide. A more breakdown structure one is more for unity/the studio. And will come eventually.

No game dev updates on the website? Last one was Dec 2022.

- When Unity provides them, standby on any potential updates.

Why has TCG World purchased a 30% stake in Destiny AI and where did the funds come from?

- As part of the partnership they were given a 30% stake in their company, and they received a piece of land in TCG World. No actual money was exchanged. Destiny is making avatars with "souls" in the metaverse. Jace also mentions Destiny AI plans to build a headquarters. Also, the 30% stake is in the company itself, not the coin/token.

There was a Matic Grey question about inappropriate conduct accusations.

- Basically Jace/TCG World denies it. They did an internal investigation and found nothing to substantiate the claims. One of the Matic members had gotten themselves banned due to being disrespectful in the TCG chats. Jace said a lot more on this, so if you want to hear his own words it's about halfway in the recording.

Satoshi Island update?

- To clarify it wasn't a partnership, it was a collaboration. TCG world owns part of the land on Satoshi Island, and TCG World will be building a replica in-game. June 22nd 2022 there was a Twitter post that Satoshi Island retweeted.

In your opinion as CGO, what is the most valuable asset in TCG World when it's in it's prime? Cars, Dragons, Coins, Land, etc. ??

- He can't give financial advice, of course. But maybe a little bit of each. TCG2 will be needed for everything in the game. Plots will be helpful to display your stuff.

Why were gold plots unlisted for a while, then relisted?

- They were unlisted as part of a deal for a former partner. TCG World had reserved 8000 for them, but this partnership dissolved and the gold plots were put back on sale again. The former partner failed to adhere to their agreement/payment terms and TCG World elected to terminate that agreement.

Did GGTOOR go bankrupt?

- There's no word or indication of that, all their financials are on the internet for public view he says. They are a public traded company. They're independant of TCG World.

Did GGTOOR pay their depts?

- Yes, and they are currently raising more funds now.

Any update on the Physical Store that will feature TCG World that was mentioned on AMA last year?

- The company that plans to open the store has delayed the opening. It's still in the works, TCG World is just awaiting further word from them.

Why do so many parters go bust?

- Kinda not up to TCG World, they do their best to vet them. Some crypto projects went bust due to the market or poor business practicies. Crypto is still a high-risk environment.

Wen moon?

- Who asked this? Geez. When unicorns fly and pigs dance was Jace's response.

Wen marketing?

- TCG World has a team working on the socials, their socials are growing signfiicantely. He mentions in March the TCG World Facebook got 4k more followers. They're holding off on influencers or any major marketing campaigns at this time until a more finished version of Alpha.

Wen exchanges?

- They're talking to quite a few, but they're waiting for the market to improve before listing them.

Jace also made a statement at the end: TCG World encourages open communication and feedback, if you have questions please ask them! But major and extreme FUD and disrespect towards community members or the TCG World team will not be tolerated and will get you banned. If that happens and you are unsure why you were banned, please message an Admin who can explain why and open a dialogue about getting back in, if it's possible.

He also spoke about libel and defmation. TCG World plans to take legal action against anyone who is deliberately spreading false information about the project.

To the supporters of TCG World you are very much appreciated for your loyalty and dedication. TCG World with the community will work together to build a thriving project and community.

Jace thanked everyone on the live stream and he ended there.

Thanks for reading another Sprite Report! Please follow The Sprite Report on Social media!

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