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TCG World News for May 6th 2022

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Programming note: There was no regular Update Stream / AMA with Alex today - instead TCG World is holding a 3-4 hour live stream with Jace at 9:30pm on Twitch to showcase Alpha, give away prizes, and answer people's questions live. TCG World will be streaming here:


Today TCG World showed off the Racing Area, which is between Asia and the Forest, just left of the main city area. This video shows several different vehicles, nearly all TCG World colors and branded. There's also a classic truck with a flame wrap on it, and it even shoots out flames! Really shows the possibilities that will be in TCG World over time!

Additionally Alex tweeted that he's going back to Miami, is going to Veecon (Gary Vaynerchuk's Convention) and then possibly somewhere else. Kinda mysterious.

Yes, there's TWO stories on today's Sprite Report referencing Miami. Formula One is hosting their Grand Prix in Miami this weekend on May 8th. Coincidence maybe? It's definitely a smart move to release this particular video today!

Gotta love it!

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Artur Saraiva
Artur Saraiva
2022년 5월 07일

Love the avatar, the streaming was great.

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