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TCG World News for May 31st 2022

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This is my 50th Sprite Report, I wanted to make this one a little special.

I am honored to be one of the very first people to experience the TCG World Metaverse. The world is stunning.. and one of the areas that everyone has questions about is the North - what's going up up there? What's all this alien stuff?

The answer is... I literally have no idea... The North region in TCG World is snowy in most areas, but has, for lack of a better word, an infection in some areas. I honestly don't know what the story is going to be, but for sure Mike Miller and the lore team have something crazy in mind for the alien area.

A lot of the things are massive - HUGE! They make a dragon look small. The mushrooms(?) and other alien things range from small to large, and there are different types too. Some are pulsing, moving with the wind, and spewing spores everywhere. Some objects are shiny, some are glowing. The rocky bits look like moonrock kinda, some with holes, some glowing. There's seaweed stuff in different colors. There's drippy mushrooms. It's crazy! The design team has gone all out.

The area looks awesome in the day, but I prefer visiting at night. That's when everything is glowing, and against the stars and the night sky.. it's a place of creepy beauty in TCG World. As it is right now in Alpha Testing, some plots are right smack in the middle ofalien land - so you can actually live in, or very near, the alien biome!

For being in Alpha for a month now, I can tell you things have been added to the Alien biomes, and some have been taken away. An example is some HUGE orange bulbs that existed a couple weeks back. I'm guessing they'll return... but I say this 'cause I don't know if your experience will be the same - this may not look the same by the time you get in and visit yourself.

The first time we got a good look at this area was from TCG World's Biomes and Regions video, as seen below:

Here's the questions from the one-sheet Sprite Report : )

What’s going on in the North?

- Snow and alien stuffs.

What are they?

- Mushrooms, rocks, seaweed looking things.

Why are they here?

- 'cause they look amazing! To be revealed when the game goes live for everyone, no doubt!

Why are some so drippy?

- Some of the mushrooms are very drippy, but I have no idea why. Likely to attract prey of some kind...

What is that stuff coming out of them?

- There's goo. There's spores or pollen dusting off of some. It's icky. Need to bust out a microscope!

What’s inside them?

- I'm guessing alien caramel.

Can I eat them?

- You can do anything at least once, like skydiving!

Are they toxic to metaverse humans?

- Probably! But don't let that stop you from visiting, the sites are amazing and breathtaking, I cannot stress it enough. This area is one of the coolest areas in the whole metaverse!

Why are they so huge?

- To make you feel small like the puny human you are!

Why do they glow?

- Spock had green blood, so there's an answer probably with Spock.

Why do they pulse?

- They're alive!

What do they smell like?

- Raspberries. Space smells like raspberries, so I'm guessing anything alien like this smells like raspberries.

Are other regions affected?

- I have not seen any indication of alien biomes or anything like that in other regions. Again, it's early Alpha.

Is this my 50th Sprite Report?

- I've done more - but this is my 50th one-sheet - and 50th day in a row posting them.

Have I gone insane?

- Because of the alien stuff or me doing 50 in a row? Yes.

Did anyone actually read that? I praise you!

Let's get to the 120+ pictures! Thank you to Marianne and Jon the Builder for sharing theirs as well, I appreciate you beyond belief!

Time for that disclaimer I was hinting at before:

These pictures are from the Alpha Testing of the upcoming metaverse game TCG World. This is from early Alpha, and everything is subject to change. Appearance and locations are may change as the team works further in areas like this.

With that said, no, sadly, I cannot give you exact locations yet. The alien biomes exist in The North region, as was already revealed by TCG World in their biomes video above.

Jon visiting during the day.

Jon in a plot, a perfect shot.