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TCG World News for May 19th 2022

Updated: May 19, 2022

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David is Dealing!

David made the following announcement on Telegram earlier today:

Ok! After all day working on contracts we have all of our agreements in place. Announcements will be made over the next week for some and the next 2 weeks for others. In general 2 of the large deals have opted for City plots at a much higher valuation to anything we have seen in TCG World so far. In light of these 2 huge deals we can now open up Gold plots at 1 BNB for a little while. We will increase the price after the initial announcements of these deals as the value for the city plots is way higher than we had initially planned. Once payment is received and marketing starts Gold price will increase

And the following was made over on Twitter:

The 1 BNB deal includes farms! (You may need to click through to see the price). No idea how long the farms will be included in the sale, and they may sell out! We're under 500 as of me posting! Gold Plot Size Visual:

A reminder of the Update Stream and AMA tomorrow!

It's that time of week again! Join us for our weekly AMA as we discuss the latest #TCGWorld news, including the latest Alpha Updates! Part News & Updates on YouTube Part AMA on Telegram VC.

And below are my Alpha pics, hope you enjoy!

A few from the East Region in TCG World.

This shows the smallest area in-between plots. This is two plots that look like they're touching on the 2D map on the website, but in reality there's a gap between each plot like this.

The loading screen, loading up my Ready Player Me Avatar!

A plot corner at night.

And some wonderful shots of the Alien Biome!

The Alien stuff in TCG World is absolutely wonderful! People are really going to enjoy it!

See ya tomorrow!

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