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TCG World News for May 10th 2022

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Yesterday on the Birthday Celebration Voice Chat, David Evans the CEO said the Crypto Skunkz will become an official partner of TCG World.

Thought up by the "Voice of the Metaverse", AKA CryptoBull, he originally visioned the Skunks as a kind of parody of the Crypto Punks (mostly in name only). The Crypto Skunks are set to launch next month. Half of the NFTs will be TCG World themed. You can join their Telegram to get whitelisted for the mint, or reach out to @cryptowaltt on Telegram. Tell him The Sprite Report sent ya!

The soft announcement about the Crypto Skunks was just one of many tidbits David provided to those in attendance.

- He talked about having gated communities or mini cities in TCG World

- They’ve met with multiple exchanges and blockchains, naming Kucoin, Apeswap, Harmony and Avalanche, possibly a few others I didn't write down.

- TCG Travel where you can buy a real life holiday inside the game, even mentioning the team is developing a concept building for it.

- The potential for fashion labels and brands joining up with TCG.

- The Dragon Eggs will likely be on ETH, the Sprites likely on BSC.

- They’re working on the land NFTs becoming cross chain eventually to Ethereum.

- The card platform is still in the works with an auction house in-game.

Telegram is the place to be to hear these gems from the team.

Alex is Tweeting up a storm! He's tweeted twice since I started working on today's article!

Here's one he just tweeted that I didn't mention above: Met a guy who's working on a few big projects and is very connected. He needed help with some animation\movie\illustration contacts. Told him I knew just the guy to point him in the right direction.. (And he tagged Mike Miller)

Alex Nase is worth a follow on Twitter!

And the countdown is on! Less than 24 hours to get silver plots at half off. This is the only deal they've ever done on these!

If you can't find all 5 of the silvers, you may have to rotate your phone.

Please follow The Sprite Report on Social media!

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Artur Saraiva
Artur Saraiva
10 May 2022

This reports are getting more and more informative. I love it!

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