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TCG World News for June 7th 2022

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COUNTDOWN: 31 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

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The News:

Partners Find a Home! She's Blockchain Savy - See their partner page here:

Blockchain Collectible - See their partner page here:

They are located in the Forest Region!

David Addresses SEC Investigation against Binance / BNB:

Over night news broke that the US is investigating Binance. Click here to read about that.

David addressed the BNB investigation and if it would affect TCG World.

David's full statement:

Good Morning, we see the articles in regards to the SEC and Binance, on reading the article it could take years before any conclusion is made, Binance have made a statement to Bloomberg and we need to follow updates from official channels rather than jumping to conclusions. As for TCG we wouldn't get involved in speculating. However for those asking in relation to coin and plots, the reason we are completely cross chain is so that we are not affected by a single point of failure. If the worst was to happen we would simply switch the lands to another blockchain and continue with the world. being cross chain means we can continue to grow liquidity across multiple blockchains, Ethereum presale is currently in process and growing well, next will be Polygon, then we are also planning Harmony and Avalanche and are working directly with both of them. Over time we may end up on 8-10 different blockchains all with the same supply of 280, 000,000 split across the different chains allowing for arbitrage between chains. We have provisioned for adoption and change to the industry and will continue to add different blockchains as we grow for the community to trade between different chains.

DCentral Austin Day 1

TCG World tweeted out some pictures of the TCG Team in Austin at DCentral. Pictures show the setup they have, including Alex showing off Alpha to someone. And a little flyer they have!

TCG2 on Sphynx Labs

Sphynx Labs has listed TCG2 on their site. It's currently trending on that site (top bar scroller). TCG World has not made any official announcement on this. Do your own research, please.

A new TikTok on TCG World:

Alpha Pic Time!

Bear Between Trees.

I turned the lights off.

Bear getting some bush details.

Another small plant.

This one is an awesome plant!

A cool tree.

Uh oh.

This was such an awesome shot : ) Too fun to not pass up.

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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