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TCG World News for June 5th 2022

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COUNTDOWN: 33 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

The News:

What do Kevin Smith and Alex Nase have in common??

I never thought I'd be talking about Kevin Smith, one of my absolute favorite people in the whole wide world, in The Sprite Report - but when opportunity presents itself, I take it!

Alex is heading to Austin Texas today, and will attend DCentral Con. The list of speakers and projects attending is massive, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Kevin Smith is also attending.

Please Please Alex - go up and tell him SpriteWriter invites him to TCG World!

I found this quick video on Youtube of Kevin talking about the upcoming DCentral event:

Wouldn't it be cool to have Silent Bob in the metaverse???? Bring along Jay Mewes too, he's huge on Twitch and plays Fortnite often!

Recent Tweets from Alex:

New build coming out today. 2.8.0... I'm excited for this one right before conventions, going to rock some socks ... Getting closer to more people coming into the world. Buckle your seatbelts boys and girls..

Flying out to Austin today! Two conventions, 3 after networking parties, and a whole slew of meetings in between. Gonna be a productive week.

and the big one: Might be adding some unique entertainment for Vegas... Something competitive and something that can win you a free trip.. to somewhere..

What do you think it is? Racecar? So maybe MetaV Group is involved, would be my guess.

Follow Alex on Twitter here:

New Utility for a Recent Collaboration - Meta Punks Club House VIP???

The Meta Punks now own land in TCG World! Looks like they're gonna have a club house of some kind, very cool. Read the tweet below!

Dragon Guild NFT Presale is LIVE!

They are 0.2 ETH each. All the details can be found on their Website.

Alpha Pic Time!

Thank you Jon Dixon (Jon the Builder) for today's batch! Jon went on a butterfly walk in the TCG World Metaverse Alpha!

Jon looking for butterflies in the Forest.

Lots of butterflies and birds can be found near the shore of the river.. if you know where to look.

Jon stopped to admire the sunset.

Beautiful sunset. Look at those shadows. It really is a marvel in TCG World.

Found a couple! Great picture Jon! A butterfly came very close it looks like!

Birds and butterflies love the shady tree areas I'm finding. Maybe more cover from nearby predators...

Heading down to the water.

Water details!

Jon got his pants wet.

It's okay though.. no one will know if you stand in flowers.

Beautiful red flowers in the forest.

Thanks again Jon!

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Great report as usual. Keep up the great work!!

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