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TCG World News for June 24th 2022

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COUNTDOWN: Just 14 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

Get your tickets here:


Live Update Stream Highlights:

- Alex was live in Times Square.

- They are doing about 6-10 side events every day. VIP events, Yacht parties, Gala events, Rooftop get togethers and such.

- Studio is migrating everything to new servers. This will help with having a lot of people in the same place in the game. Perfect for festivals, events, competitions, etc.

- Studio working on Ancient Ruins, Ski Resort and the Marina.

- They plan to have an AMA talking about Satoshi Island.

- He only spent about 3 hours at NFT NYC convention due to people wanting to meet them personally.

- Announcement: TCG World is working with Dawson Racing. They will provide TCG with some Racing Rigs (F1 type racing rigs) - they're getting some simulators for the Vegas Expo. This was a contact via Enzo (MetaV Group). Link:

From their website, they are partnered with Hasbro, Michelin, and more!

- Announcement 2: TCG World has a new Gaming Advisor - Clipz from FazeClan! 🔥 Breaking News 🔥

We would like to officially welcome Eric Rivera "ClipZ" as TCG World’s new Gaming Advisor!

Clipz is the original founder of FazeClan and will be helping the TCG World team gamify our Metaverse to the max! 🚀

Alex's Tweet:

Worthy of note: FazeClan has 5.7 million followers on Twitter.

- Mentions they have hired more people for the graphics team, a marketing firm, a social media team.

- Alex has done 3 interviews with large media. Still awaiting those to be released.

- Alex has a backlog of announcements, he wants to do them in a proper setting and not just on a phone. So I'd expect some very good Friday Live Streams in the future to look forward to!

Live Stream can be seen here:


His huge announcement: Ok I have been working super hard to do something special for me and my son TCG WORLD Themed song "My Plan". I know all the real TCG World supporters is going to appreciate it. We will be Dropping Our Own Special Edition NFT Collection. With Alot of utility we will use all the funds to invest into a High Budget music Video that will be played on National Tv Channels (BET,MTV,VH1,). And we will also be doing a tour with Def Jam at schools and events. We want to get the word out about TCG World. LOOK AT THE ARTWORK 🔥🔥🔥 CAN YOU SPOT ALL THE TCG RELATED ITEMS ON THIS NFT COVER?

You can see the music video via the link below: Thousandnaire C quel - MY PLAN Feat Loyalty The Kid

The father son duo will be performing this song LIVE at the Metaverse Expo 2022! LEARN THE WORDS FOR ARE PERFOMANCE AT THE METAVERSE EXPO. ARE PERFOMANCE WILL BE FRIDAY JULY 8th AT 3pm. MAIN STAGE Get your tickets here:

Crypto Skunkz PHASE 3 Mint Starts Today!

Skunkz Linkz: Telegram:

A REMINDER: Tag a project and they can win a booth at the Expo! Great exposure for any potential projects!

They must respond! A great opportunity for any project to snag a spot at the most anticipated event of the year! Tweet is below!


Get your tickets here:

Click the bear image below for Alpha Pictures!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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