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TCG World News for June 22nd 2022

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COUNTDOWN: Just 16 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

Here's the website:


Please vote for TCG World in this poll:

Can TCG World pull ahead? It's up to you!

New Facebook Metaverse Expo Page:

Crypto Skunkz Mint Starts Today!

Skunkz Linkz: Telegram:

And just a reminder, the Skunkz have partnered with another TCG World Partner, the Matic Greys!

Sprite Report Special Report #1:

Learn about the regional benefits of the virtual land in the TCG World Metaverse!


I've seen many of the speakers posting this image in the past day advertising their speaking event at the Expo:

Here's a list of tweets from speakers/attendees that you can like, follow and retweet! Orange Caesar:

And here's the official twitter:

Click the bear image below for Alpha Pictures!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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you've all been outed stop with this scam. the guy is going to the media

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