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TCG World News for June 17th 2022

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COUNTDOWN: 21 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

Just 3 weeks until the Metaverse Expo!

Get Tickets Half Off using code MAYC50 - here's the website:


It's Friday - AMA DAY! The summary for the whole Live Update stream is near the bottom. Lots of good stuff!

Skunkz Website Launch:

Go here for all the details!

Whoopsies Doopsies in TCG World!

Check out these pictures! This was shown on the update stream today. This was from a demo video - will these be Avatars in TCG World eventually? I hope so! It's driving a car!

How fricken cool is that?

Whoopsies Doopsies Twitter:

Whoopsies Doopsies Discord:

Live Stream Summary:

- Starts off with new Alpha pics from Jon.

- Goes into the new GGTOOR video. Click here for it.

- Shoutout to Jon Dixon in Alpha for the pics.

- Ramping Up Alpha - in 2.8.2 Build. Lot of the world has been optimized.

- Next build they're looking for is 2.9, that's the goal for getting plot owners and partners in.

- Talks about Market conditions and TCG World. TCG is just fine, working on things well in advance, no worry about the project.

- Bringing on more staff, developers, event planners, etc.

- Talks about DCentral, Consensus Austin. Two conventions TCG was at last week. They showed off Alpha to attendees.

- Got the attention of media - They interviewed Alex twice. And at the booth.

- They're going to New York City soon for NFT NYC. A pretty big event. Multiple buildings.

- They have a lot of pre-planned meetings for New York.

- They will have a booth there.

- Discusses the GGTOOR 100 million dollar deal. They're an ESports company.

- GGTOOR has 60,000 gamers registered. Tournaments very often.

- Uniswap presale update - Up to 292 ETH and growing.

- They're going to wait due to the market being down to much, watch the market, before they launch. Make a strategic launch based upon market trend.

- After Uniswap they're gonna launch on polygon/matic presale.

- Gold plots have increased to 2 BNB in their presale.

- Alpha update: 16 new Biomes added. And some sub biomes areas too. They want the world to be unique, the environment change around you, and fun to explore.

- They're hiding little "treats" around the world for people to explore and find.

- Talks about small details in the world, such as the clouds always moving.

- New NFT Collaboration - Whoopsies Doopsies.

- New demo video!

- Video showed a 3D rendered Whoopsie walking and driving a car!

- In house partner - Walt and Crypto Skunkz about to start their mint.

- Starting to develop things ahead of time - 1st City is being built. Showed this picture:

- Staking Update - Staking is incoming. Audit and UI are completed. "very very near future - watch socials for this."

- Multiplayer is to a new server, they're moving away from previous versions they used.

- Chunks to 256 - more optimization and smoothness.

- They can have around 500 people on a 256 size plot.

- Added 7 Super Servers

- Talked about the Marina - they're developing it now.

- Shows the Marina video, same footage as earlier in the week.

- Next point of interest is the Ancient Ruins.

- "Gonna be things happening at the Ancient Ruins - not just a place to explore"

- Lots of videos and surprises incoming.

- 2 Major announcements incoming - next week or the week after.

- Ends with the Biome video and Screenshots of Alpha.

Update AMA #42 video is here:


Click the bear image below for Alpha Pictures!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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