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TCG World News for June 14th 2022

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

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Lot of stuff today!

COUNTDOWN: 24 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

Get Tickets Half Off using code MAYC50 - here's the website:


They Bought up the Whole City.. and the Outskirts!

TCG World announced a huge deal with GGTOOR, an ESports Company. The deal was for $102,300,000 going to TCG World ... and GGTOOR pretty much bought out the whole East Region. The deal includes the whole East City, even the middle. Starship, Funky Monkey Frat House, and Altcoin City still remain there as this time. The deal also included a bunch of Silver plots - specifically the silver plots around the East city. See image below - it's a blackout! There are ZERO silver plots available within a square of the city. If you allocated previously to this area, CONGRATULATIONS! Likely a very good spot! GGTOOR is going to resell the silver plots they got for a lot.

I'd list all the details of the deal, but just go to the Yahoo Finance article below. There are tons of other articles out there, but they all say the same thing. Some times literally. If you really think about the numbers they discuss in the deal - one could get very excited about their own plots in TCG World.

Like I said, go to the article or website for exact numbers and details, but I will repost this, from David Evans, talking a little bit about TCG World's shares in GGTOOR.

TCG World now owns a large number of shares in GGToor, on top of that they receive the funds from GGToor when land is sold, the land is currently purchased by GGToor using Preferred Shares in the Company so it is in the interest of GGToor to sell the land to reclaim the preferred shares, but when all is done and sold TCG World also retains a large shareholding in GGToors regular shares. So essentially we receive the funds and the shares. Over the next 6 months through the joint partnership TCG World will help to grow GGToors registered players to make TCG World a full eSports competition Metaverse.

Also this:

The GGTOOR website also has some familiar faces on it!

Andre, Justin and Tyler are working closely with them to help make TCG World, and GG, a lot of money! Congrats to these guys! What an amazing story, and they're just getting started! In fact I write even more about these guys further below! They're everywhere!


Unfortunately the TCG World community didn't get to meet GGTOOR today due to an electrical outage that prevented John Whitman from holding it . It is rescheduled for tomorrow. Here's the details - please attend if you can tomorrow!

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.

When: June 15, 2022, 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Topic: John V. Whitman Jr. Web Talk

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


This video shows a preview of some of what GGTOOR City can be! It's awesome. Watch it.

And it's already on GGToor's website too!


Yep, we knew it was coming. The remaining gold plots on the website are 2 BNB now - still in presale. Just a reminder that when they get out of presale they will be priced at 7 BNB by TCG World. Looking at the numbers below, we're getting close to that mark in Asia and the East.


TCG updated the map... updated the gold prices... and also updated the About Me section too. Everyone has ReadyPlayerMe avatars. Even this weirdo:

Roy - Moderator

Andre, Justin and Tyler (going full circle here) are featured prominently at the bottom of the About Us page now. And all of this info is new too:

TCG World Commercial Real Estate

Owning a commercial plot of land in TCG World offers a multitude of possibilities to business owners, real estate developers, cryptocurrency/NFT projects, and investors from all walks of life. Commercial real estate plots boast high visibility and in-game traffic due to their prime city locations. Commercial plots offer vast opportunities for e-commerce, social media, gaming, livestreaming, entertainment, education, virtual events, digital marketing, in world real estate development including rentals, advertisements/billboards, resale and so much more! Due to its immense versatility to owners, commercial properties are extremely scarce and available locations are selling quickly.

Commercial real estate is sold exclusively through our Senior Commercial Real Estate Management Team.

Email us today to discuss pricing and options!

Three handsome cartoon fellas.

You can view the updated TCG World About-Us page here:

The Community Rocks - or in this case Raps! Another awesome video about TCG World! Enjoy!

Make sure to show some love - like comment subscribe! It really helps youtubers out!

Speaking of Youtubers, another MetaBitBros video. They explain the GGTOOR deal better than I ever could, and I'm fearful if they ever start a news site I'm out of a job.

And, like comment subscribe! Streaking Vow in Telegram

Someone wanted this in "print" and to preserve it, here, on The Sprite Report. Here's the screenshot. September can't get here quick enough!

Brooklyn Plo:

"If TCG coin hits $5 by September, I'll go streaking in Walmart while wearing a raw chicken on my head" -- June 14th 2022 8:36AM TCG Telegram Chat

All in good fun! Please do not go streaking - but too funny not to include today!

Dang.. did I get it all in today? So much happened today I feel I'm missing something! Just know that today was an awesome day - a day that will lead to some huge things for TCG World. It's all waiting for these days to go by... for the community to get in and playing.. and for TCG World to be launched, and then evolve as the years go by! Can't wait!

Starship Event this Weekend:

Just a reminder:

Click the bear image below for Alpha Pictures! I'll be adding some more tonight!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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