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TCG World News for April 18th 2022

There was a new NFT collaboration announced today by TCG World.

The collaboration is with artist @Teoartz. It’s a collection of 50 TCG World themed Cool Monkeys NFTs that will be displayed in the TCG World Gallery. You can view them on TCG World's partner NFTb's website here.

The announcement was in the TCG World Announcements channel on Telegram and can be seen below.

🔥TCG World Collaborations 🔥

TCG World collaborates with @Teoartz to display the TCG Cool Monkeys in our Metaverse Gallery 🔥

Official Links

TCG Collection (Not For Sale) ➡️

NFT Artist Work➡️

Check out Telegram ➡️

Alpha Stream:

Jace had a quick stream over on Discord today showing off Alpha. Nothing really new was shown to the watchers. Jace discussed his difficulties with ping issues, and he and the Studio are working on getting those resolved so he can stream more, and stream more areas in a new build. Once the ping issues are resolved and everything is running smoothly, that is when the rest of the of the management, and eventually the moderator and real estate teams will gain access.

TCG World's Discord is here:

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