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TCG World Metaverse News for September 1st 2022

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New Month, who dis?

Paul Mullan, Elite Champion of TCG World and Protector of the Realm, posted this summary of yesterday's AMA that David did.

Here are a few nuggets I took from AMA last night, for those who dont have time to listen ... see point about companies building experience for big brands, Ive a feeling we might hear something about this very soon

Keep the faith people 🙏


✔️ 3rd party designing our golf course

✔️ Gamers will compete/stream to live audiences

✔️ David met 3 companies building experiences for brands (contracts with 2) – build out for 2 global firms (one 60M users p.m.)

✔️ Met SONY (PlayStation) – really impressed

✔️ Casinos mentioned 4 times (must be coming)

✔️ Meeting another metaverse re: interoperability

✔️ Roadmap for any big brand – if buy digital product, get actual product to door in real world

✔️ Met with big UK car manufacturer

✔️ Met with US food delivery company – order in world, deliver to door


✔️ Not sold 1 TCG coin for dev or marketing

✔️ Huge war chest for dev + marketing

✔️ Turned down multiple VC offers

✔️ 40 fulltime staff (100 inc mods)

✔️ Grow Dev team 30 - 100 next few months


✔️ UNITY blown away with our work to date

✔️ Game launch only day 1 of development

✔️ LT goal = multimillion simultaneous players

✔️ Met firm re: debit/credit card transactions

✔️ We will eventually be console

Listen to it here:

TAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN TO IT! PLEASE! You will not regret it!

- AMA is TOMORROW at 9am! Today I saw some folks welcoming in Lucia in the chats! Can't wait to see them in action tomorrow!

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- Frank Curzio's Podcasts are a wealth of information! He has invested 5 million dollars in TCG World (Curzio Research) and talks about TCG World and the metaverse in nearly every podcast he does. He compares TCG to existing metaverses and says TCG World basically blows them out of the water. My words, not his.. but you get the point. He's definitely worth a listen, even if it's little bite size bits on Twitter like below!


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And here was the original announcement of the partnership between TCG World and Curzio Research:

- TCG World Dragon Cave Club NFT Sells for 3 ETH earlier today! Wowzers! Same person bought another one for 0.69 Eth too.