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TCG World Metaverse News for October 21st 2022

The Sprite Report Issue 193

In this article:

- New Scam clones TCG Website, Beware!

- Where's the good gold locations at on the map?

- Racing starts in 10 days

- New Comic - Daily News Feed

- Calendar of Events

Upcoming Events:

October 28th: TCG World AMA Update Stream on Youtube

October 31st: Halloween. Also eRacing Series 1 Starts. Schedule Below.

November 17th: End of the 1 Month and 3 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 BSC

November 22nd: End of the 1 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 ETH

December 25th: Christmas

January 31st 2023: End of the 3 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 ETH

February 17th 2023: End of the 6 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 BSC

May 15th 2023: End of the 6 Month Staking pool for TCG2 ETH

August 14th 2023: End of the 12 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 BSC


October 31st to November 5th: eRacing Series 1 (Qualifying / Daytona, USA)

November 7th to 12th: eRacing Series 2 (Qualifying / Barcelona, Spain)

November 14th to 19th: eRacing Series 3 (Qualifying / Le Mans, France)

November 21st to 26th: eRacing Series 4 (Qualifying / Silverstone, England)

November 28th to December 3rd: eRacing Week 5 (FINAL / Sebring, USA)

November 30th to December 4th: SEBRING REAL RACE

** Dates and times subject to change, Times are in PST 'cause I'm PST


- Marketplace Launch (Likely end of October)

- Dragon Egg Drop (October?)

- Full Launch of TCG World (Around Christmas)

For all the TCG World info you'll ever need, head over to The Sprite Index!

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The News

Scammers keep scamming!

Right as I was writing this I became aware of a very convincing scam website that looks EXACLTY like the TCG World Website. It offers fake land, fake downloads of the game, and wants you to connect your wallet. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

The fake website ends with .io and if you pay attention has several misspellings in places.

These scammers are the scum of the Earth.

Look at this fake site, they put a lot of work into it:

Racing Starts in 10 Days!

Here's the schedule:

Oggy Comics

The latest from the Oggster:

Golden Opportunities?

Let's look at the map again, shall we?

Focusing on gold plots today. What are some of the best spots still available?

A reminder: These are my opinions, and not financial advice.

Note: This is not a top ten list or anything, and the pictures are random.

Gold Plot Locations: River between North and East regions

These are the closest locations near the Fishing Lake.. if you call 2 squares away from the edge close. These locations are the closest you can get to the river, and there's a main highway road on the edges as well. Should be increased traffic in this area... although these particular plots are set back.

The Dragon Cave is rumored to be in the SE North region, so those golds may be good spots to allocate.

Gold Plot Locations: The Unknown (Asia Left Hand Side)

There's lots of gold locations near the edge of the unknown! If you visit these areas in game, beyond the map is a Asia biome and then nothing - undeveloped map/game. It's a bit unknown what will be there. Might be a bit of a gamble in this area - but one that may pay off if this area is developed more. Will it be a good sprite hunting spot? Will something else exciting be put there?

This area is also close to the Festival and the Airport. Being on an edge, or close to it anyways, is what I personally like. It's just too early to tell with this area.

Gold Plot Locations: The Unknown: Bottom East Region

Looks like it's East Biome and it will eventually be beach area. There's some great spots close to the Airport there - these spots are closer the road system that runs in the line north of the square. Some actual decent spots in this area, especially those airport ones.

Add the fact that, other than the forest, you'll be pretty close to the Islands. Another unknown.

Gold Plot Locations: The Forest City

Top left is the closest you can get to the main city within the first square. Surprised there's still some left. If you allocate to the forest your sprites will evolve faster! That's an advantage!

The bottom two on the left are part of Skunk Village. You'll automatically be in a community, you'll be near the forest city, and a hop skip and a short drive away from the Marina, Monster Truck Arena, Australian Crypto Convention area, Collect-A-Ball and more.

Gold Plot Locations: Between Forest and Asia

Nearly all the gold is gone from the first square in the Forest closest to the top - and ALL are gone on the Asia side. People are excited for the Battle Arena and Racing Area.

There's some good spots here - the ones circled and labeled "closest to airport" are closer to the road system - you'll be near the Airport, Arena, and near the NW forest city.. some pretty good location!

Gold Plot Locations: Golf Course

Well these are the closest location to the golf course still available - yep.. pretty far away. Just a short drive though. I like plots near the edges, those may be near the road system.

Gold Plot Locations: The Unknown (Left hand side Forest region)

Much like what I said about Asia, we don't know what will be here. Right now it's a little bit of forest, then undeveloped. These will likely be close locations to the beach. The cloest ones to that island over there, and Satoshi Island will likely be in the SW area of this image. Consider there may be some fun developements just off the map, good sprite hunting areas.. etc. Again a little bit of a gamble, but there's some really good ones that are close to the edges.

Gold Plot Locations: Main Central City

You'll notice something in this image: ZERO plots in Asia. ZERO plots in the East.

And you can't get within 2 squares in the Forest and North, you have to go 3 squares back. But there are some! The ones I would look into most are the ones where roads will be near (the gaps).

Gold Plot Locations: Airport T4 (Top of map)

You can get in pretty close still to this Airport. Top squares compoletely sold out though for golds.

The roads in this area may have increased traffic of travellers going to and from the airport.

Gold Plot Locations: The Marina

Basically sold out, but I've circled the closest ones you can get to the Marina. Still a little bit of a drive. Forest region also has the benefit of increased evolution rate for sprites to consider.

Gold Plot Locations: North Main City

6 gold plots left within the inner circle of the North city. The one I'd be most interested in is that one near Project Nightfall. The other ones we don't know what they'll be near at this point.

Gold Plot Locations: The Unknown (North Right Side)

Ton of gold plots still available on the right hand side of the map. Dragon cave rumored to be near the bottom there. What will be in this area? Prime crystal hunting? North region is supposed to have more crystals to mine! If you get one on the edge, you can likely head out off the plot map and not have to worry about other hunters.

Gold Plot Locations: The Unknown: Top of the map

Both Asia and North have LOT of ones on the edge. Out of all the images, these plots are the cloest to the edge you can get in fact! There should be an awesome mountain range up there eventually!

Gold Plot Locations: Roller Coaster (Asia and North sides)

This image shows the closest to the roller coaster. This place is expected to be more like a theme park - so not just a roller coaster. Could be a very hopping spot.

Gold Plot Locations: Ski Resort

4 squares sold out, but these are the closest you can get to the Ski Resort in the North. Not too impressive, but if you're in game you can check these out, maybe get one near a road.

Gold Plot Locations: Airport T1 (East Bottom region)

As pointed out previously, I feel these are some pretty good ones, especially the circle on the left.

Gold Plot Locations: The Volcano (Asia Region)

Most are sold out, but there's a small cluster still of Gold plots still in Square 4 there. There's a few off to the right as well.. but the volcano actually is where it says it is on the map.. so those are a bit further than the ones on the left.

Gold Plot Locations: Main River separating the Forest and East regions

I prefer the East region in this case. Here's why: Visibility. The forest plots have tall trees, and in some spots you can't really see anything. No great view. But on the East side of the river, you can still get a gold with a decent, although getting further and further away, view of the river (and main highway). And some are near the bridges!

Gold Plot Locations: The Forest Beach

Fun to see there's still some golds here! Amazing! Unfortunately you're not as close to the beach as you think - with the forest biome blocking the view. But these are pretty dang close.

The Port on the right hand side - those are the closest you'll get to the Port if you want. Might be some ones near the road there!

Gold Plot Locations: The Ape River

The best for last! These gold plots are my favorite on this whole list. If you are in game, check these out as you might have a good view. Some better than others due to trees. But this river is absolutely shaping up to be beautiful! Also consider height, as golds can go x2 higher than silvers.. so if you have a silver in front of you it won't matter much, just build taller!

What do you think of my thoughts? Lemme know!

Today's Sprite Report is brought to you by DeSo Syndicate!

Don't know what to do with your plot? How about putting a frickin' Castle on it! Heck yeah!

Check out their website for assets you can use in TCG World! TCG Castle Promo Soon!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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