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TCG World Metaverse News for July 3rd 2022

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COUNTDOWN: Just 5 Days until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

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- The Metaverse Expo is THIS WEEK! Just 5 days away. We're almost there folks! Buckle up.

- Jace is in the air flying 22 hours to America.

- Updated plot numbers, as provided by BaldBro in Telegram.

Right now:

Silvers remaining: 57,833

Percentage of silvers sold: 13%

Golds remaining: 7,178

Percentage of golds sold: 76.1%

Plats remaining: 1,013

Percentage of plats sold: 59.4%

1w ago:

Silvers remaining: 57,870

Percentage of silvers sold: 13%

Golds remaining: 7,198

Percentage of golds sold: 76%

Plats remaining: 1,024

Percentage of plats sold: 59%

1month ago:

Silvers remaining: 57,982

Percentage of silvers sold: 12.8%

Golds remaining: 7520

Percentage of golds sold: 74.9%

Plats remaining: 1057

Percentage of plats sold: 57.7%

When Diamonds got sold out (June 18th)

Silvers remaining: 57,915

Percentage of silvers sold: 12.9%

Golds remaining: 7,229

Percentage of golds sold: 75.9%

Plats remaining: 1040

Percentage of plats sold: 58.4%

The eye opener on this list for me is the Platinum plots sales. Those are going for 12 BNB each. While many could argue that a small number have sold in the past month.. they are moving for full price. Anyone who got in at 1 BNB back at the start of the project has a base line to go off of .

Thank you Baldbro for always updating these!

- Major update to the Dragon Guild.

Sadly it sounds like plots of land in TCG World will not be part of the Dragon Guild deal after all. Their NFTs will be attached to another metaverse land, with potentially other metaverse land down the road, and have other utilities, but TCG World will not be a part of it as it is right this moment. There's a lot of drama that I'm not going to go into - you can go into the DG discord or TCG telegram for more information. As it is right now, it sounds like the Dragon Guild will remain a partner but the details and extent of that partnership will likely be figured out after the Vegas convention is over.

Also the Dragon Guild community is fully on Discord now. They have closed down their Telegram group.

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- Also, here's someone interesting to follow on Twitter:

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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