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TCG World Metaverse News for July 30th 2022

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- A Taste of the DMV happened today!

Did anyone attend the event in Washington D.C.? I'd love to see pictures! Tag @TheSpriteReport on Twitter! This was a free event for TCG NFT holders, all you had to do was reach out to Dr. Trichome for free tickets. Food and fun!

Here's their website to learn more: www.Atasteofdmv.Com

- Huge detail in chat about vehicles?

Someone asked about gas stations and the need for fuel in the game. Jace responded in the main Telegram the following:

"That might be already in the works through a future partner lol but no charging for fuel just yet unfortunately"

Key takeaways:

- NEW PARTNER? Potentially in the gas industry. But this is a video game, could be in the racing / vehicle industry (Dawson Racing?), gas station industry (Shell in TCG World?), or even an energy drink or something like that! Red Bull in the Metaverse? Very cool to think about!

- VEHICLES WILL NEED GAS - Very important aspect of the game.

Seeing as when I screenshotted this image this morning it only has 1 reaction to it - seems everyone missed this potentially huge detail!

New image of the Oasis invitation joins yesterday's invitation:


- I also haven't heard much buzz about this marketplace line in the build notes that Alex showed on screen yesterday.

It says "Capture transfer and mint to marketplace"

Welp.. ya kinda need a marketplace to mint to! So this is potentially saying that the marketplace will be in 3.0.0... which might come as early as next week they've said in chat.

Here's the notes from yesterday:

Yesterday's AMA Video is here:

- New Video from Crypto Confident!


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Awesome video from Oggy and reposted by Kenneth, definitely worth a watch!

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