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TCG World Metaverse News for July 20th 2022

100 Days, 100 Sprite Reports! Let's CELEBRATE Live on Twitch at 7pm PST tonight!

Huge spoilers about TCG World in this issue! Tons of photos and videos today! Especially at the bottom!


- Alpha had a HUGE update in the past day!

- The central Asia city is in! It's huge, it's glorious! What's in it you ask? SPOILERS!

  1. Soccer field

  2. Huge bridge!

  3. Many shops

  4. Skyscrapers

  5. Beautiful trees

  6. Statues

  7. Art installations

  8. Street lights

  9. Rust! There's rust on some things! Little details like this I love!

  10. Sandwich boards saying shops are closed due to Covid

  11. Asian signs I can't read

  12. Parks and benches

  13. A parking lot with tons of cars and trucks

  14. Apartment buildings

  15. Likely a ton more I missed! The city is massive, you WILL be impressed!

Videos: Me flying around the city. Was experiencing some lag, I apologize. But still too good not to share!

Dive from one of the taller buildings. Not the tallest building mind you. Shows some art, the soccer field and more.

Going over the bridge, showing the soccer field and more:

- Voice chat has been added. I have not been able to test it, but it detects my mic for sure.

- THE MARINA was added to this build! Plots are very close to it, but don't have a direct view 'cause there's a huge cliff! I will be streaming live from here later tonight!

Here's a video from Marianne:

And some from Jon:

- THE PORT has been added to this new build too, and I'm pretty sure BEAR was the very FIRST ONE to visit!

Video flying around:

- A homing beacon has been added that tracks Sprites! Looks like it's still a work in progress. Basically a psychic beam shows you the direction to a Sprite. At least that's how I think it's gonna work. This replaces the mysterious arrow we've seen in previous builds.. Radar image below the mini map activates it.

Here's a video of me in the Port using the homing beacon briefly.

- New Cars added! Thanks to Jon Dixon for most of the following pics: