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TCG World Metaverse News for August 31st 2022

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Yesterday huge updates. Today huge updates, this time coming from a rare appearance by the main man himself, David Evans. He was on a telegram call earlier today and delivered 80 minutes of awesomeness.

I highly encourage you to take the time to listen to it, as a lot of questions were answered.

Link is here:

I actually made a ton of notes about what he said in the call. I could copy/paste them below... but I said to myself NO. This AMA David did was special.. it needs to be heard by YOU!

TAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN TO IT! PLEASE! You will not regret it!

- The AMA / Live Update streams return this Friday with PJ Krypto and friends. This Friday he is joined by Jon "Builder Jon" Dixon and newcomer Lucia Spillane.

This is the first time people will see the new format they have cooked up for the update streams. These update/AMA style streams will be held every other week, with PJ also doing livestream showcases of Alpha gameplay in between those weeks.

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Other News:

- Important Update about GREED in the TCG World Plot Owner Group.

- Baby Grey Mint started today. I asked the current status and here was the answer:

Go get your baby greys!

- Matic Grey Baby Grey Details:

Mint Here:

Matic Greys Telegram:

Hey #NFTCommunity The Baby Greys snapshot will happen Aug 29 or 50% sold! Mint will begin on Aug 31 on Owning a Baby Grey gets you an exclusive Baby Grey companion in @OfficialTCGCoin
! Only 3,500 available!#NFTs #TCGWorld #MetaverseNFT

Who's ready for a Baby Grey IN TCG WORLD!!!!

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