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TCG World Metaverse News for August 13th 2022

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The party continues all weekend long in TCG World's Metaverse Party Island, The Oasis! Have you tried it out? Head on over to TCG's Telegram to get the download and join me and others! Pay attention to Telegram as there may be special times and events that will for sure be announced there. Telegram here:

- David gave away a PLATINUM PLOT just for simply finding him on Party Island! Congrats to Scott Z who was the first to find him and claim the prize! Wowzers!

- David mentions Unity on Telegram, says there's an NDA in place and he's bringing them aboard to help with a lot of things, including optimization. Here's his comments:


- I have collected and listed all the commands in TCG World. Am I missing any? Let me know! I hope this helps you all out!

You can find them permanently here:

- Shout out to the Neanderbros for making me an awesome NFT! I fricken LOVE IT. LOVE IT!

How cool is this crazy gal?


- SEEK has an open invitation to holders of their partner's coins to join a Call of Duty Tournament. Multiple teams can sign up. Entry fee is 0.3 BNB per team and you'll need to be an active holder of TCG2! Contact @erosco87 (Evan) from Seek on Telegram, his user name is @erosco87


At the very least when viewing TCG World Tweets, please LIKE and RETWEET. Especially Retweet, as that really helps to spread word to the next potential investor!

I absolutely loved the tweet above from The Artist Guild. That's what it's all about folks. Wonderful words. I appreciate it. If you have formed a large guild (must have a following) - regardless of if you're official or not, I'd love to list you on my website! DM me @LeecedCrypto on Telegram!

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I have that little area below my title available on the main image. Plus a little writeup at the top of the articles. Maybe more? Let's talk. You must be related to TCG World in some form or fashion.

This week The Sprite Report is sponsored by Bear Knows All! Bear Knows All will tell your fortune in the Metaverse! Will you have a car? Will you have diamonds? Only Bear Knows. Bear Knows All.

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Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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