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TCG World Live Update Highlights - October 28th 2022

Updated: Nov 5

10-28-22 Live Update and AMA Highlights

Project Updates:

- New Alpha Build: 3.4.8 Launched Today for Plot Owners

- Joystick Support Version 1

- Voice Chat Added

- Nicknames over head are fixed.

- Ownership and inventory sync with web and blockchain fixes.

- Performance improvements via new camera manager system.

- Builder Mechanic Improvements

- Car Physics Improvements

- Framerate improvements across the board (especially while driving fast)

- New car sounds added

- Cars now have new and proper names.

- More sprites in the world!

- TCG World is TRACKING sprite captures and will have giveaways

We're still in Alpha - the world is getting progressively better!

The more people playing the game the more data that's being sent in for improvements.

Cars are gonna be a big thing in TCG World they say.

They show a new video that shows the NFT for cars (images at end)

Sandstorm Sprints Started

- Sprint 1 Sprites - they showed a moodboard image.

- Sprint 2 and 3 will be Buildings

Project Updates:

- Epik and Triller Press Release (worth a read!)

- They show a Triller video

- A reminder of the Halloween contest they're running. Images of you in the world

- Thousandaire made a TCG World music video!

- Marketplace Demo

- Marketplace to be released on NOVEMBER 2ND WEDNESDAY

- Buy and sell land using BNB instead of TCG2 - BNB will be used because TCG2 doesn't have much volume - they're gonna start with BNB, look at how much action they're getting, and then put in TCG2 at a later date.

- PJ is on Test Net showing everyone how the marketplace will work. He test buys one, he also test bids on them as well.

When you buy a plot of land you get an invite to the Plot Owner Telegram! Very nice!

- ETH Staking is live - a reminder.

- Social Statistics - TCG World has strong engagement lately. Jon gave some numbers

- Buy One, Get One Plot of Land FREE Promotion and you get 2 Castles free

- Emails went out today.