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TCG World Live Stream Highlights - January 6th 2023

Live stream starts with the Bellere Video.

The Mystery Boxes are live right now! via

There is a 2 approval process - you buy the mystery box (approval) and when you open it to mint the box (approval).

Additionally they announced the 2ndary market for the cars will be in TCG2 - it's first utility.

And here's my Report on the cars with all the info:

Project Updates:

- The Business Dev Team has been busy at CES 2023

- There are tons of other Crypto Events happening in 2023 that TCG World will be in attendance.

- Sandstorm Updates:

- New design for a Comedy Club called The Belly Ache shown.

- Closer look at the dragon tiers (pictures)

- All prizes for the TCG Advent Calendar Giveaway have been distributed. If any issues, reach out to @LeecedCrypto on Telegram and it can get looked at.

- North Region Biome Changes are coming soon - great pictures!


- An In-Game Partner Contract has been Signed with Ready Player Me! This means that you can create your avatars in the game instead of on the website! Very nice!

It'll be part of the main menu. There will be clothing stores within TCG World that you can change clothing and such!

Question about previously purchased avatars:

- Earlier this week TCG World launched a new build for the Alpha. Here's the details on that: 3.8.6 Changelog: Features:

1. Holidays update for HUB and Lobby

2. Save-load system for rings in inventory

3. New Post Processing, Visual Updates


1. Added tip and binding control for camera switch in vehicles

2. Bellere showroom optimization. Fixed colliders and LODs (Level of Detail)

3. Vehicle camera jitter on high speed fix

4. You can no longer throw when you have 0 rings and get -1

5. Fixed purple ring

6. Fixed LODs on all vehicles

7. Removed cactus collider in desert

8. Environment fixes

9. Fixed teleport from vehicle

10. Rings can no longer be collected from vehicle

11. PostProcess and light fixes

12. Stability improvements

13. dragon control fix

14. Car sound fix

15. Race track fix

16. Trees optimization

Other Changes:

- Fix render UI of the rings

- Char could run unlimited time

- In Login Scene you will see message if something goes wrong

- You can't enter the game without username

Way after the Update part happened, Jace showed us some previews of the license plates that can be customized. These will be purchasable, and tradeable in the marketplace.

Some upcoming events TCG World is considering going to (seen about 25 minutes in):

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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Epic AMA today. Stoked for what’s to come for TCG World in 2023!!!

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