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TCG World Live Stream Highlights - December 23rd 2022

12/23/2022 Live Update / AMA Stream Highlights

Project Updates:

- It starts - PJ Krytpo with Jon with a special guest: Preston AKA Buzz from the Cyber Hornets Colony Club / Web 3 Comics

- They're all in holiday attire. Christmas hats, Ugly sweaters and all.

- TCG has made an investment in Web 3 Comics LLC, a substantial stake in the company.

- They plan to make some TCG World themed comic books!

- And they will bring some comics into the world as well.

- Comes for other partners as well - lots of comic content - Matic Greys and more!

- Digital comics and potentially physical comics.

- Showed an example of a comic book they're producing. They mention they have rights to 2 bored apes and more.

- Announces Cyber Hornet Avatars for TCG World! Male and Female.

- TCG will be rendering them next month for 3D assets.

- Question about the hornet avatars, can they fly? Answer is no, they don't want to devalue the dragon NFTs.. But they will have other utility.

- You can check out the cyber hornets here:

- They preview the Cyber Hornet Headquarters:

- Preston says that SandStorm will be working on their Headquarters likely in January. - HQ will have an events center, a basketball court, NFT gallery, a shooting range (lasers or something similar), a six story building, one floor will showcase the comic books, another will be a gaming area. There's a cave entrance for the Animus NFTs under the Cyber Hornets HQ.

- Sandstorm Updates:

- Dragon Tiers

- Jon reminds everyone these will have various different colors.

- At around 24 minutes in they show a slideshow of Sprite Concepts that Sandstorm will be working on some, if not all.

- David said these will be worked on over the next two months.

- David said End of Q1 is the final deadline to have them all in.

- Sprite Capture Leaderboard Prize Info

- Each week will have 10 winners.

- 1st place will have legendary vehicles

- 2nd to 10th place will get epic vehicles

- TCG Advent Calendar

- 25 plots will be given away.

- Thank you to the partners - the Cyber Hornets, The Matic Greys and Pi Protocol for their contributions with prizes.

- Thank you to Meta Bit Bros for the short videos they always do : )

- TCG Socials on fire since start of December

- TCG Twitter gained over 2000 followers in 3 weeks

- David gained over 300 followers in 3 weeks

- Gains were due to the advent calendar mostly

- Illuvium Advent Calendar Winners

- They partnered with us for one of their Advent Calendar Days (Day 15)

- 50 people got beta codes for Illuvium.

- And a bunch of Illuvium followers got some TCG World assets in a contest.

- TCG2 Staking Update

- A new 30 Day BSC and ETH pool was put in last Sunday.

- Make sure you're in the new pools.

- Over 2 million coins (around 100k USD) are in the expired pools still! Get them out folks!

- New User Interface for TCG World Soon!

- He shows a quick video. Here's the screenshots:

This will be the new teleport screen:

- New Build incoming - 3.8.something

Coming "any day now" - the dreaded SOON!

- Features:

- Post process and graphics update

- 3D imposters (wip)

- Arcade cars physics and NFT sync on chain.

- Vehicle camera system (3 options to use) - 3 levels of zoom

- Now rings must be collected in world


- Dragon shift and camera

- Sprites afraid of vehicles

- UI pop up at start of the game finally fixed

- No sprite radar from vehicle

- Reduced GPU stress on avatar menu screen (woo hoo!)

- Lots smaller and clearer

- Things will get more difficult to capture sprites basically 'cause you now need to find rings in the world.

- No free rings any more.

- Lot of questions about where and how many rings will be on the ground when you find them - basically we'll all find out when the update drops.


- Project Nightfall Xmas Card 2021 Promotion for a free gold plot - this was an OLD giveaway from last year.

- Not all xmas cards were sold so the contest never closed.

- Whoever bought cards got entered, and they drew a winner live on screen.

- The winner has a wallet that ends with 61754, see below.

Another giveaway:

- FIFA World Cup - Pick a Winner

- Basically people voted for who they thought would win some soccer matches (non-American football)

- Two prizes.

- Winner of who picked Argentina but also voted for others is Steve the Dragon - They won a gold plot.

2nd Giveaway for those who got Argentina correct and didn't choose any others.

Prize is a Dragon Cave Club NFT

- Congrats to Eddy Birmingham @eddybhx

Surprise Second Special Guest: Jace

- Vehicle News!

Mystery boxes coming soon!

- 6 Different Rarity types

Mythic max 10

Legendary max 100

Epic max 1000

Rare max 10000

Uncommon max 50000

Common max unlimited no limit

- First launch of vehicles: He won't say the name, leaving it as a surprise.

- Every time they launch a vehicle, it's basically a new dealership.

First lot: Modern Roadsters Mythic to Rare

- only 5k Rare he says

- uncommon/common are not part of the mystery box

- First lot: 6110 mystery boxes / vehicles to collect

- They are random.

- They will be 50 BUSD each mystery box

- Mythic gold, legendary orange, epic purple, rare will be blue.

They show some NFT cards:

- Explanation Card:

Vehicle Eras will be: Antique, Vintage, Classic, Retro, Modern and Futuristic


- Will there be a whitepaper for vehicles? Yes they will put one out in the new year they hope.

- Will we be able to upgrade/customize the vehicles? yes that is still planned, stuff like handling, engine, possibly speed. Paintwork potentially. Horns, engine sounds, etc. he says not on these ones as these are fixed paint works, but vehicles in the future it's possible.

- To avoid confusion and scams, they don't want people to be able to design cars that look like legendary or something higher than what it is..

- Question can you gift a mystery box? Answer is no - they are tied to your account until you open them, once the vehicle is minted then you can transfer the NFT.

- They want to give people at least a week notice before these mystery boxes go live. They will email the notification out, and a social media campaign.

- Jace says around the first week or two of the new year.

- How many can you buy? There might be a limit of 100 or something.

Jace said when the new build drops, the car dealership will be in the game! Mystery location.

- They show a video of the cars at around 1h8m mark

Some screenshots below:

- They show a demo video of the mystery box opening:

Pics of Jace at the Dealership:

More Pictures from this stream:

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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Bewocid Bewocid
Bewocid Bewocid
Dec 24, 2022

The ama was absolutely fantastic. Thank you to the Sprite writer for the advent Calendar. I enjoyed it a lot. I loved searching for the secret code. Merry Christmas 🎄🥳🎉.

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