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How to Catch Sprites in TCG World

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

The Sprite Report Issue 208

How to Catch Sprites in the TCG World Alpha!

This article is accurate for Alpha Version 3.8.4

How to throw rings:

- Rings are found in your inventory under "Resources" (press i for inventory)

- Select a ring and press "Use"

- Hit ESC to get out of the inventory screen.

- Click and hold right mouse button to aim.

- Press left mouse button to throw.

How to capture Sprites:

- Find a Sprite!

- Toss a ring at it.

- The ring must hit anywhere on them.

- The captured Sprite goes into your inventory under the Creatures tab.


- Try to remain far away.

- Wait for the sprites to stop, then toss a ring. Otherwise you may waste rings.

- Do not let the sprite get near you, as it'll run away making it harder to capture and wasting your time.

- Walk left and right to get a better view of the Sprite for aiming. I try to keep my avatar just to the left of the Sprite. It's a small window between your arm and your body where you can aim for the sprite.

- Watch the crosshair, it will rise up when you're on a sprite. That's when and where you want to throw!

- Try to be uphill from a Sprite. If you're downhill, you can't aim as far and you'll have to get closer.

- Once you see the blue ring of success, you're good. No need to wait for it, move along to the next Sprite!

- Always look around you, sprites some times spawn on the sides or behind you too!

- Go to areas with less trees. Easier to spot sprites.

Other stuff to know about Sprite Capturing: - Sprites spawn with a flash of gold light, easily seen from far away.

- Sprites can spawn just about anywhere on the plot map.

- Sprites can spawn 2 or more at a time.

- Even though you can toss rings while in vehicles and dragons, get used to capturing them on foot.

- You can rapid fire ring throwing if you click fast enough!

- If you move too far away from a sprite, it will disappear from your view. Approach it again, and it'll appear in a flash of light again on your screen.

- You can throw rings while you're moving.

- The TCG World team is recording all sprite captures, will have some kind of leaderboard.

- Ring count is in the bottom right.

- In Alpha, they give you 1000 blue and 1000 green rings to toss.

- Ring color does not matter in the current version.

- Sprites can be seen on your mini map too, but they're very small.

- The blue ring of success and the spawning gold light are easily seen on the mini map. - There are 3 different sprites currently: Bluey McFrogFace, Pouches McGee and Birdperson.

Sprite Evolutions:

- Get 10 of a sprite and you can evolve it to the next level.

- Math: That means 100 of the same sprite for a level 3 evolution.

- Sprites are not currently minted. Expect that in Alpha 4.0 version and beyond. Radar:

- Radar can be used to point you to a spawn point of a Sprite.

- Currently, it's a bit tricky to activate the Radar.

- Easiest way I've found is to hit ENTER - move your mouse to select the radar - then hit ESC to get rid of the chat screen.

- In this current version of Alpha, I recommend just roaming around in a car or on a dragon rather than depending on the radar to find Sprites.

Scuffed Sprites (known glitches and bugs):

- Extremely tricky to activate the radar (have to press I or Enter, then have to hit ESC) - Unfortunately, if you spawn the sprites they poof out of existence currently. But the captures are still recorded on the back end for leaderboard purposes.

- Aiming doesn't go as far when going up hill.

- Some times sprites spawn floating in the air.

- Some times sprites go into the earth and are temporarily hidden until they come back out again.

- Some times they are glitching in and out of existence.

(You can still capture glitching sprites, you just have to estimate where they actually are at).


Find a Ring under "Resources" in your Inventory. Color doesn't matter at this time.

Keep track of your rings in the bottom right:

Pay attention to the crosshair when aiming:

Successful Capture:

Captured Sprites are found in your inventory under "Creatures"

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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