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TCG World AMA #27 Highlights - Creature Capture Details and Biomes Announced!

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

On Friday March 4th Alex Nase hosted AMA #27. It was a pure update live video on Facebook. No partnership announcements this week. Here are the highlights of the AMA:

- This is going to be a big month for News Updates for TCG World. Every AMA going forward is going to have something big and special.

- Alex encourages everyone to watch the Builder Video - Click Here for that

- The Gold Farm presale has Ended - they are now 7 BNB full price.

- TCG World got featured on ABC Australia, they reached out again and did a Radio interview as well with Lisa, one of the real estate agents.

- Alex played some of the Radio interview. Click here to listen.

- Another major news organization is interested in doing an interview with TCG World based upon those ABC Australia stories.

- CBS Reports segment still upcoming with CryptoMom.

- Featured on NBC Palm Springs too.

- Went through the February Monthly Wrapup Article - Click here for that

- Plans to do Twitter Spaces with Partners and Communities, including the Cyber Hornets, Collect-a-Ball, and DiamondGorilla

- Ryan Patrick did an interview with Mike Miller. Click here for that.

- Alex explains they started with unity assets for creatures in the game, but TCG World wants all unique creatures based upon Mike Miller's creations. Most will be eventually replaced.

- Gold Plots increasing to 2bnb, maybe 3bnb for Presale

- Increasing the price of commercial plots as well. No date set for this change. Happening some time before Alpha (likely end of this March)

- TCG Giveaway Winner announcements.

- Reddit Raid: Peanutpunch won a Gold Forest Plot!

- Twitter Giveaway 1: Runboorun won a Dragon NFT!

- Twitter Giveaway 2: Antwon McAllister won a Greed Avatar!

- Twitter Giveaway 3: B-Rad won a won a dragon NFT!

- Alex goes over the active Giveaways.

- Announces a New Giveaway: Refer a Friend Contest

- Use the referral code while checking out - put a friend's name, it puts them in the running to win a plot: Platinum Farms, Gold Forest and Silver North was shown. Multiple prizes. Below is the Tweet.

- Shows a first look at the User Interface. Click Here for a Dissection of the UI.

- Explains the Rings seen in the UI towards the bottom - announces the battle and capture system will involve the TCG Rings. Mike Miller thought of this idea and they designed it for the creature capture system.

- Announces Explore options - basically quick teleporting to certain areas on the map to explore it. Will be in Alpha. Click Here for Closer Look at the UI.

- Announces Map Changes: TCG World will have Biomes. Biomes are large collections of flora and fauna occupying major habitats.

- More partner announcements incoming soon. 8+ partners still to be announced. David working on about 14 more.

- Shows the dragon teaser video from last week. Click here to see that.

- Entering Phase 2 soon of the Dragon NFT utility. There are different tiers of dragons.

- Eric Chan (TCG Partnerships) went to a few crypto conventions recently and talked to a lot of projects and potential partners.

- TCG World will be at 2 or 3 more Crypto Conventions this month.

- TCG Guilds Launched - TCG plans to have a verified guild system via Discord. Details coming soon.

- TCG World (Alex) will do regular voice chats on the official Telegram channel. Click here to visit their Telegram.

- Live video ended and everyone moved to Telegram for the AMA session.

Click here to watch the entire AMA

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