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First Look at the User Interface in TCG World - Let's Dissect it!

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

On Friday's Live AMA Alex gave us our first good look at the User Interface that will be in TCG World. This is still early on in the development, and I would expect change and improvements to it before full launch.

Top bar includes:

TCG2 Coin Count (90 in this screenshot) Inventory

Music Playing (Now Playing ES..Mural Legends - Adriel Fair)


My Lands

Top right has a Mini Map. Looks like we're close to Retro Defi in up in the North Region. Top of the mini map has coordinates 4276, 8206.

Sidenote: The Aussie Crypto Community is next to Retro Defi on the map on the website, but is NOT seen in the screenshot. I'm guessing that the build for Aussie Crypto is not ready, and thus may not be included in Alpha.

You can also see a little orange triangle / arrow on the mini map. That should be where the player is on the map.

A Player or a lost Doritos Chip

The Inventory screen seems to have tabs for Creatures and Resources. I'm honestly disappointed to see the word "Creatures" and not "Sprites" - for obvious reasons

The Resources tab is selected. This appears to be where your vehicles and other items will be. Towards the right side there is a scroll bar.

In the screenshot there are 14 cars. "Muscle Car #2" is selected and is to the right of the inventory screen.

In the Inventory you can also see 10 blue rings and 10 green rings. Alex explained that these will be part of the creature capture system within TCG World.

Rings to Catch Them All

Bottom left hand corner has what looks like some kind of canister with a "V" or a Checkmark, with a count of 0/0. Unsure what this is. Fuel for your vehicle? Some kind of power up?

What's this? Curious.

Bottom of the screen is marked "Early Development Phase - Performance might suffer and content is not fully shown". This message is there to set some expectations for the testing phases.

Bottom right shows the Round-trip time (RTT) which is the duration, measured in milliseconds, from when a browser sends a request to when it receives a response from a server. Basically this number is the lag you're experiencing at the moment.

Next screenshot shows the Explore Tab.

Try to Break These Places in Alpha!

Looks like there are 5 partner areas we can explore in this screenshot. You get both Wall Street Bets areas, Retro Defi, Starship, and I believe the last one may be Elongate.

Alex explained in the Live Video Chat that during Alpha you can use this tab to teleport to these areas to Explore. Quick Travel instead of having to walk for hours.

Looking beyond the UI, the screenshot offers some head scratching "What the heck is that?" scenery in the background. My guess is that this is an undeveloped area in the process of being built.

Solar Panels? Undeveloped Land? Giant Game Board? The Holodeck?

There's also a building in the background. Looks to have minimal details. Likely still being developed too.

My guess this is either a Walmart or a Storage Facility.

Please go watch AMA #27 to hear all this and MORE!

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