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TCG World Virtual Land Gold Rush - Here Are The Best Gold Locations Still Available

Opinion only. Not Financial Advice.

TCG World's Alpha begins this week. Presale prices for gold plots are going up. If you want a gold plot, now is the time to get it, or you'll pay more later.

Looking at the map, there's still some decent gold spots left! I'm kinda surprised at what's left to be honest.

The Airports: All airports have great Gold locations still. If you think about it, these should be high-traffic areas. Great spots for a business.

Airport T3, shown above, is between two regions: Asia and Forest. On both sides you can get pretty close to the airport. More locations in the Forest closer to the airport.

The best gold spots in the picture above might be the ones in the forest in between the Airport and the Battle Arena. Since you can log-in and teleport to these spots - you'll be close to an Airport that can travel far, and the Battle Arena. Great locations!

You can get pretty close to the racing area with golds still. Best spots in the picture above may be the ones to the right of the Racing Area - these are close to Racing, and close to the main city too.

Also.. see that one gold kinda off on it's own to the left? Good location.

Surprisingly you can still get in pretty close to the Forest city! These are great locations! You'll be close to Collect-A-Ball and whatever else fills in these city spots. Prime real estate.

If you want to get close to David's Ape.. you'll need to find a Silver. Golds are all two grid squares away.. but these might be good if Apes or Punks ever come and check David's creation out!

Some great golds near the Beach still! Nothing up way close, but these spots you'll be near the beach, and between the port and the marina. And guess what's north of here? David's Ape monument.

If the volcano becomes a hot spot, these gold locations will be great. Especially towards the right side, you can get in pretty close to the Volcano.

LOOK AT THIS! I can't believe you can still get a gold so close to the airports! Airport T4 is between Asia and the North. On the left hand side in Asia, you should get tons of foot traffic from the airport, and you'll be close to the Volcano. It's also weird that on the North side there's less spots available, considering the North has sold the LEAST amount of gold plots out of all the four regions. That's interesting............

Great gold locations in this picture on both sides. This roller coaster is expected to be a whole theme part - not just a roller coaster. And when I asked Alex if you'll be able to ride the roller coaster, he said yes. Who knows how often people will visit here.. but I think it's the sleeper on the whole map. You can get very close with a gold... and even closer with a silver.

To the right of the main TCG city flows the river between the North and the East. There's some good locations for golds still near to be closet the river.

Like fishing? Please know the fishing lake isn't going to be a square like in the picture. It'll probably have a unique shape, and I'd bet it extends left and right from here. So these gold spots still available on both sides might be pretty good locations to pick up! On the left side you'll have the river as well. Will there be fishing on the river?

This picture is very interesting. This is Airport T2, which is above the Ancient Ruins in the East region. Why are ALL gold locations sold out in the middle there? Why are there spots left above there in the corner? Usually corners sell out...

There's some prime locations left for gold near this airport. The ones near the top also benefit from being close to the fishing lake / river. The ones south are a short bit away from the ruins.

I prefer the top ones myself.

Speaking of the Ancient Ruins - wow.. most golds are sold. But there's some golds still left in the outer areas! Can't go wrong with any of these.

You can get some golds near the golf course to the left of it. The whole corner has sold out though. But I like these gold locations because south of here there MAY be a beach area. Golf + Beach could be a win .

Surprise Surprise.. our last airport in this article and we've struck gold again. Some really good locations here. If you choose to go left, you'll be semi close to the river, just one square away. The best two locations in my opinion are the two southern-most golds on the right hand side.

Five golds left near the port in the Forest. South of here is the beach. Port might give you a lot of foot traffic, beach might too! Semi close to David's Ape monument.

And the best I've saved for last. This is the river south of the main TCG city. You can get a gold plot VERY CLOSE to the river on both sides. Crazy how close you can get! In fact in the East you can even get a gold FARM semi-close to the river. Underrated area in my opinion.

I hope this has given you some possible ideas!

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