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TCG World Updates Stream #40 Highlights - The one with Rev3al!

The video can be seen here:

Highlights for AMA #40:

- The AMA starts off with a video introducing Rev3al and what they can do.

- Alex comes on screen in a suit. It's partner time!

- Alex is joined by Adam/Bitdragon and Mo Kumarsi, both co-founders of Rev3al.

- Here is the Rev3al Website:

- The interview portion, they go over their backgrounds, introduction and such.

- Rev3al met Alex / TCG World through MetaV Group.

- Rev3al is basically a security company for NFTs. Their mission is to protect everybody who is new in the metaverse and the NFT world in general.

- They're building a whole ecosystem soon called "Rev3al 360" that protects users and especially newbies in the crypto space. They want to give people peace of mind, prevent scams.

- Rev3al will validate and authenticate NFTs prior to the blockchain process - at the creation level.

- Creating a platform interface that will authenticate NFTs. Basically giving NFTs a Certificate of Authenticity.

- They basically want to become to Crypto like Carfax is to Cars, GIA Certificates are to diamonds, etc.

- Alex says Rev3al has some major announcements coming up soon.

- Rev3al can let you hide images (watermarks basically) inside your image (NFT). In the metaverse they can do 3D textures and such and do the same, so you can scan it to make sure it's authentic.

- On a phone, Adam demonstrated how the product works. It was a NFT and when you zoomed out the picture actually changes and you can see the water marks (the images in an image from above).

- This technology can be used to reveal rarity for NFTs! Gamifying it.

- Rev3al will provide multiple layers of security / audits and such.

- They say they have some ideas and solutions for telegram / discord hack protection that they can't talk about yet.

- I highly recommend watching their interview, they go over a ton of security and scam items, some I hadn't heard of including power banks being used to steal crypto.

- Rev3al will be at the Vegas Convention July 8th to 10th.

Again you can check out Rev3al on their website:

On to the weekly update portion!

- Uniswap presale is at 128 ETH and growing fast.

- Added some new production servers to the game. (More capacity)

- They're preparing for a huge amount of folks in TCG World. (possibly millions)

- Airplane mechanics have been added into TCG World alpha!

- Staking update: UI has been developed and is near ready for launch. David will announce soon.

- Road system has been heavily updated - Ebb and Flows. Talking about roads going up hills, winding, etc.

- They just acquired 7 Super Servers to help speed updates and development in Alpha / the game.

TCG Giveaway Announcements:

- Twitter Giveaway (Share Alpha Picture)

- @Katana15702956 wins a Silver Plot!

- Expo Twitter Giveaway

- @AHALL9238 wins a Silver Plot!

- Another Expo Giveaway

- @CaptainSage_ wins a Silver Plot!

- Otherside Deed Giveaway (Bored Ape Metaverse Land)

- @Eventminter wins the Otherside Deed!

More updates:

- Updating Spatial Audio Engine in TCG World. (good audio in TCG World when in a huge group of people)

- Vegas Expo is ramping up. They're halfway sold out. Bringing in entertainment and some well known names.

- Alex is going to Austin Texas for an event next week.

- TCG World is hosting a Shark Tank Special! All NFT / Metaverse / Crypto related Shark Tank event!

- Talks about Frank Curzio and Curzio Research. More coming from him soon.

- Talked about going to some Global Brand meetings.. Auto, entertainment, music, well known brands.

- He mentions a hidden deal that they just completed.. and there are tiny leaks somewhere on Twitter - not on TCG's Twitter.. but on other ppl's Twitters. It will be announced mid-June Alex says.

- Major Alpha build being dropped soon... 2.9.0

- The studio has hidden several things in the Alpha - biomes, places of interest, fun stuff.

That was page one....


- David just hired a full marketing team and agency.

- Hired a design, graphic and event specialist just yesterday. Someone Alex met in Miami.

- Expos upcoming! Going to DCentral and will hav ea booth there. Speaking there.

- Eric, Ben and Alex will be speaking at DCentral.

- Consensus convention will be immediately after.

- Then another one in New York City.

- Admix will be doing billboards in TCG World, and will do a lot more than that.

- Bringing in another Developer company to work in tangent.

- They will be doing larger builds and such to help out.

- All the major brands and meetings they've had are all going forward. Nobody has backed out. Market may has slowed down but everything moving forward for TCG.

- Multiple major announcements set for this month! Big drops he says.

- Working with some other metaverses to try to merge them together, some kind of implementation where they can enter each other, work with each other.

- Aussie Crypto Convention TCG will have a full set up there.

- They redesigned and updated their Pitch Decks. Below.

One of the Pitch Decks:

- Jason Paige is coming to Vegas! (and others...)

- Dragon Cave Club is verified on Opensea now!

- The Marina is incoming!

- David Evans had an interview with Frank Curzio.

- Alex mentions a Game Changer Partner incoming in a few weeks....

- Streaming events coming soon... Jace and Alex. Waiting on that 2.9.0 Alpha drop.

AMA portion on Telegram - Telegram here:

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