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TCG World Updates Stream #37 Highlights - The One With the Lambos in the Background

Alex is in Miami, looks to be in a convention room with some cars in the background.

- Show starts off with a video clip - it's of an Interview of Alex Nase on the Platypus Show. It was on Ticker News.

- Alex has had some spontaneous meetings.

- A variety of cars are rolling by in the background. This car is an I8.

- May 9th was the 1 year anniversary of TCG.

- Alex shows off the Racing Track video and says there was a reason they produced it. Video below:

- They created a demo for the race track, they had meant to reveal it a month from now, but put it out early for "reasons".

- The Las Vegas Metaverse Convention has had some speakers officially announced: Sonya and Agon from Project Nightfall and a few others. They're getting more folks in to talk at the event.

- Alex will also be a speaker there.

- Talks about the MetaV Group and Partnership. Alex has become very good friends with them. Where Alex is speaking from, with all the Lambos and other cars, a boxing ring, etc. This space is owned by them.

- Alex says they have connected them left and right with major businesses, celebs, organizations, and more because MetaV loves TCG World. They're really helping the team.

- There will be an upcoming AMA with them so the community can meet them.

- They made a promo video with MetaV Group - here is that video:

- Talked about Jace's past streaming event for Alpha.

- He shouts out and shows The Sprite Report a little bit!

A Lambo came by!

Enzo (spelling?) is a co-founder of MetaV Group and came on screen:

- He had high praise for TCG World!

- Alex talks about being in the Lambo and going 220mph : )

- Talks about the TCG Birthday Anniversary Promotion and the extension of the promotion. Silver plots are 0.5 BNB. Promotion ends on the 16th of May.

- Over 4000 plots have sold in the promotion.

- Talks about the rough market - says TCG World isn't worried about it and the market hasn't affected them. They have plenty of funds and capital.

- Alex did an interview with Epic Talks. He rushed over to do it - basically the interviewer was about to do a metaverse interview but they had to back out due to sickness. Alex filled in. All thanks to the people at the MetaV group.

- Alex flipped the script at the end and he interviewed her on her own show. And the production team loved it.

TCG World Giveaway Winners:

- Meme Contest Winner

- @MITTIM80 wins a Dragon NFT

- Birthday Giveaway Winner

- @cryptoweapon wins a Diamond Plot

- He shows the Alpha Streaming Event Winners (see screenshot below)

- Another MetaV event with Epic Talks on the 25th of this month. This event will be Metaverse specific.

- Alex will be a speaker there.

- Alex will be at a big convention next week called Permissionless. Some people are flying in to meet with Alex in person. - After that Alex is going to Gary V's VeeCon event.

- Alex is then heading back to Miami for the event.

- Alex's wife is so patient, understanding and supporting. Alex says to thank her in person in Vegas for letting Alex to do this : )

- Another big event first half of June - event in Austin Texas called Consensus.

- "Ink hitting the paper on large moves!!!"

- Most of all the deals are moving forward Alex says. For some people it takes weeks and months for the deals to be made.

- Alpha still going good - Every 2-4 days there's a new build.

- They had to pull some of the Alpha team to make some specific videos for reasons. But Alpha still moving forward, with updates, additions, etc.

- Next group to be in Alpha is incoming (mods, real estate agents, lore team, etc.)

- Goal is to get to public Alpha in a few weeks, as quick as possible.

- They want to make sure it's quality when you get in though.

- More videos and surprises incoming... lot of content incoming..

The AMA portion after the video was on Telegram:

You can see the whole update video on Youtube below:

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