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TCG World's Dragon NFTs Reach 500 ETH Volume

The Dragon NFTs reached a milestone today! 500 ETH Traded in just 2 months time!

Here's the dragons by the numbers:

First Minted: February 7th

Reveal: February 16th

500 ETH Reached: April 3rd

Highest price sold: 8 ETH

Second highest sold: 2.69 ETH

Third highest sold: 2.5 ETH

90 Day Average Price: 0.2475 ETH

The TCG Dragon Cave Club is a collection of 10,000 Dragon NFTs. You can find them on OpenSea. These Dragon NFTs will have utility in TCG World, giving the player exclusive access to a Dragon Cave where special events and high-level concerts will be held. Additionally they will be used in-game to acquire dragon pets, fighting dragons, and mountable dragons.

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