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TCG World Reaches 7000 Individual Land Owners

On March 13th, 2022, at approx. 10:31pm PST - TCG World reached 7,000 plot holders.

By the numbers, that is 24,547 minted lands (that was the last Token ID minted) divided by 7000 wallets - that makes an average of 3.5 plots per wallet.

I've been watching the land sales closely and it's been a steady 150-200 plots minted per day. This number has increased ever since TCG World's feature on BitBoy's Youtube, the interview with Alex with Meta Money, and the announcement that Gold plot presale price will soon increase to 2 or 3 BNB.

You can monitor the land mints for yourself on TCGPropertyToken BSCScan below:

TCG World land can be purchased on their website:

See you soon for 8000!

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