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TCG World Partner Focus: The CryptoSkunkz

What are the CryptoSkunkz and how are they related to the TCG World Metaverse?

The CryptoSkunkz are an NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. They are a collection of 4000 total Skunkz, with 3500 made available to the public. Half of the 4000 are TCG World themed, with the TCG rings being very prominent somewhere in the artwork. The set also includes 60 skunkz with Matic Grey aliens as part of their backgrounds. There's also some special 1/1 designs that were designed for close friends.

By the Numbers:

4000 Skunkz Total

2000 Regular Skunkz

2000 TCG World Themed Skunkz

60 within the collection have Matic Grey Aliens

3500 of the 4000 total were made available to the public via the mint

500 of the 4000 total are Private skunkz

Public Mint Price of 0.17 ETH (Mint on their website)

Important Skunkz links: Opensea Collection: Website:

CryptoSkunkz Utilities (as of 07-03-2022 via the website)

Utility they list on the website is as follows: - Exclusive Metaverse Access (in TCG World) - Access to a Bar, Gallery, Nightclub and more! - Receive discounts for On-Air Metaverse Radio Advertising, via CryptoBull's radio station being set up.

- Royal Skunk holders will receive passive earnings from designated investments.

- The website also states the following, but it seems to be a summary of the above: - Marketing discounts - Passive income

- Metaverse Social Status (they do not elaborate on this)

- Additionally their roadmap states they hope to develop a Skunkz avatar usable in TCG World!

Where and what is Skunk Village? Skunk Village is a place set up for the skunkz to settle in, kick back, and enjoy life. You can see 3 platinum sized plots in the forest region in TCG World - but in reality much of this square is going to be skunk related. The plots are owned by either CryptoBull or members of the club. Holders of just 1 skunk get access to this area. Plus many areas will be open for public view.

Skunkz Platinum Plot Location Coordinates: X -6968, Y -6968 X -7096, Y -7096 X -6904, Y -7160

Within Skunk Village there will be a place for the Royal Skunk Club. Holders of 12 of the NFTs can gain access. At this time information on the Royal Skunk Club is limited, but rest assured it'll be an exclusive hangout spot with close access to CryptoBull himself.

Skunkz Lore:

In June of 2022 they held a lore contest. They let the community come up with the story for how the CryptoSkunkz came to be within TCG World! As of publication, a winner has not been announced.

Their Management Team:

The CryptoSkunkz were thought up by CryptoBull (@cryptowaltt on Telegram), who you may be familiar with if you're in TCG World's Telegram. He is one of their real estate agents and has been very active in the voice chats since the early days of TCG World.

Pretty much everything else was designed and is managed by DontFOMO (@dont_FOMO on Telegram)

Skunkz Roadmap (as of 7-3-2022 via the Website)

June 22nd 2022 - Whitelist Mint Begins

June 25th 2022 - Public Mint Begins

September 1st 2022 - Royal Skunk Club kicks off (must hold 12 Skunkz for entry)

TBA - Skunk Village development Q1 2023 - Skunk Avatar development

Example of Normal Skunkz:

Example of TCG World Blinged Skunkz:

Big thanks and shout out to FiremanJOHN, Dr. Trichome, Chimpizard, Rkay1, PoPs, Mr_Big_Country81 and Grandpa for giving me permission to use their skunkz in this writeup!

Here are some fun Sprite Reports I made up for the Skunkz one day:

Here's some of their promotional posts:

A rotating image from their website.

CryptoSkunkz Minting Schedule

So what are your thoughts on the Skunkz? Are you excited to live in Skunk Village?

Make sure to check the website out and join their Telegram to talk to the community!

Skunkz Links: Opensea Collection: Website:

Please follow The Sprite Report on Social media!

As always this site is for entertainment purposes only. None of this is financial advice. Do your own research.

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