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TCG World Officially Announces the Start Date for Alpha Testing!

TCG World has a date for Alpha! And it's TOMORROW! March 31st, 2022.

Here is the full release from their Telegram: 🌍TCG World Alpha Release Information 🌍

Tomorrow TCG World reaches a HUGE milestone in our roadmap - ALPHA!!

What an incredible journey it has been over the past 10 months, whether you have recently joined our community or have been here since the launch of TCGCoin back in May 2021, we would firstly like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of our community for the incredible support and faith you have shown us. We truly believe we have the BEST community in the crypto space!

With that said, the time has come...🤩

Tomorrow, 31st March, we will be making the official announcement for the launch of TCG World Alpha. We will be granting the community access to Alpha in stages with our core management team being the first to enter the metaverse. Please note, the time between each access stage will depend on bugs and fixes once the team has had chance to explore TCG World. The reason why we are doing this is so the next group to get access to the metaverse will have the best user experience possible.

Here's an overview of the TCG World Alpha testers that will be granted access:

➡️The first is the Management team

➡️Moderation/Real Estate and Lore team

➡️Diamond plot owners will follow

➡️Platinum plot owners and Partner Leadership

➡️The Gold and Silver plot owners will be next

➡️Members of our community and eventually the Public

Here is some things to expect when you enter TCG WORLD. Note everything is subject to change depending on world generation and studio development.

What to expect in Alpha:

➡️Full World generation

➡️Procedurally generated landscaping

➡️Road generation

➡️Log into any plot

➡️In-game builder

➡️Access to vehicles

➡️Partner buildings

➡️Creature spawning

➡️Possible V1 creature capture mechanics

We will continue to communicate with you and provide you with updates on when you can expect the next stage of access to be released. This is a very exciting time for TCG World and our community and we cannot wait to share with you what we have been developing, the greatest Open World Metaverse the world has ever seen!

See you in the Metaverse! 🌍

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